Key Lifestyle Changes To Increase Fertility In Both Men And Women

Ever since humans have adopted a demanding lifestyle and ditched healthy habits, infertility issues have risen to the peak

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There are up to 27.5 million infertile people in India, including men and women, according to the Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction. This data highlights the fact that infertility is rising at an exponential rate and restraining males and females from embracing parenthood.   

Especially, ever since humans have adopted a demanding lifestyle and ditched healthy habits, infertility issues have risen to the peak. Caught up under the constant pressure to achieve a perfect work-life balance, men and women often indulge in excessive alcohol and caffeine consumption, supported by increased smoking. Moreover, the stress that comes along not only disrupts the general well-being of individuals but also ends up affecting their fertility levels to a great extent. 

To combat infertility and increase your chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy, making certain lifestyle changes matters a great deal. Consuming a well-balanced diet rich in all the vital nutrients, exercising daily, avoiding smoking and drinking, reducing caffeine, staying stress-free and maintaining an ideal weight will aid both genders in increasing their fertility.  

Boost fertility: Top lifestyle changes to make 

Integrate a healthy diet: A healthy diet is crucial to maintaining your overall health and long-term well-being. And when it comes to reproductive health, the role of a balanced diet is irreplaceable. Including fruits, vegetables and nuts rich in antioxidants in your diet and cutting down on trans fats will enhance fertility in both men and women. Thus, if you are planning to conceive anytime soon, switching to a healthy diet is the right thing to do. 

Make a regular exercise routine: Given their hectic schedules and demanding jobs, individuals frequently neglect their physical health, which has a negative influence on their health in the long run. Infertility is a major cause that arises out of people's inability to include some sort of physical exercise into their routine. In order to avoid such a situation, incorporating some sort of physical activity in your daily schedule will work wonders in boosting your fertility and further chances of healthy conception.  

De-stress yourself: Considering the arduous routine of human beings, stress has become inevitable. And unhealthy levels of stress and pressure can unfortunately result in infertility. Therefore, exercising relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation, engaging in an activity of your interest, or picking up a new skill in an effort to de-stress yourself has become an absolute necessity.  

Ditch caffeine, alcohol and smoking: Consuming caffeine and alcohol in inappropriate amounts can end up affecting fertility in both men and women. Additionally, excessive smoking can also eliminate the chances of a healthy pregnancy. In fact, heavy drinking and smoking can impair male sperm motility and make it more difficult for females to conceive. 

Thus, for both genders to target a healthy fertility level, dropping smoking, drinking and caffeine is a must thing to do. Instead, switching to plain milk and mocktails is highly advised if you wish to achieve a healthy conception.  

Healthy lifestyle: Way to boost fertility 

According to an NCBI study, 69 per cent of infertility problems can be resolved with simple dietary and lifestyle changes. This data emphasizes the importance of incorporating a healthy lifestyle in order to overcome fertility-related concerns. 

Moving to a nutritious diet, cutting down on alcohol, smoking and caffeine, including physical exercise in your daily routine and practicing de-stressing techniques has become crucial for men and women seeking a healthy pregnancy. In addition to maintaining a healthy routine, consulting with a fertility expert and creating a long-term plan to increase fertility plays an important part in overcoming reproductive issues. 




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