Karma And The World Of Metaverse

Metaverse has had rapid acceptance and is drawing the attention of tech-enthusiasts

Metaverse- the creation of a new artificial intelligent universe in the realm of our physical world. It is an extension of the real world. With the creation of the metaverse, virtual reality and augmented reality are not just changing lives but also the way we experience the world now. Metaverse is a 3D environment that will enable people to enter and interact with one another through their digital avatars. It has created a new virtual space of interconnected spherical worlds.

Metaverse has had rapid acceptance and is drawing the attention of tech-enthusiasts. The experience is so immersive that a couple from India’s Tamil Nadu ended up hosting their wedding reception on Metaverse. The world of Metaverse is so fascinating that Punjabi pop singer Daler Mehndi bought his virtual land on the made-in-India Metaverse platform- PartyNite and named it ‘‘Balle Balle Land’. Metaverse is also getting governmental acceptance as Dubai announces the world's first ever economic summit – Investopia Investment Summit – in Metaverse.

While there have been celebrations and summits on Metaverse, the instances of crimes have also been reported. Yes! Crimes as heinous as rape have stepped in the lawless lands of the virtual world. Nina Jane Patel, co-founder and vice-president of metaverse research at Kabuni Ventures faced gang rape on metaverse. Virtual reality has been designed in such a way that the mind and body can't differentiate digitally virtual experiences from the real world. Thus, Nina’s physiological and psychological response was as if it happened in real. The same reason for; celebration become an horrifying experience for someone else.

Evidently, the metaverse is not all fun and games; like any other technology, it comes with its own cons. Metaverse is destined to separate people from the physical world. We are all aware of the addiction of social media has afflicted us with, imagine such an addiction to a virtual world - we might never wish to escape from it to come back to reality. Apart from the potential dangers of potential self-depreciation and social destruction this creation of unreal avatars shall lead to demean the humanity.

The most alarming feature of metaverse is the intensity with which it can track not just our data but also our persona. We are all aware of the way social media platforms use our data to target consumer behaviours and garner revenue from advertisers. Imagine how convenient it would be to track our behavioural patterns, choices, interests and actions. Metaverse would enable us to do everything virtually from playing games to shopping virtual assets and even meeting new people. All this data can be conveniently used to create detailed and nuanced models of us for targeted advertising.

Future of Metaverse

Tech-giants have already begun to make mega announcements indicating the rise of metaverse. Facebook recently announced its new company Meta Platforms while Microsoft announced a virtual reality update for Teams. Apple Inc is going to release its first mixed or virtual reality headset, allowing people to interact virtually. Sportswear brands like Nike and Adidas have also joined the early adopters club by securing trademarks for their digital products to protect their products in virtual worlds.

Karma in Metaverse

सर्वे कर्मवशा वयम्। sarve karmavaśā vayam We all are under karma Karmas of digital avatars are quite evident in the metaverse. From getting married to committing crimes all actions have been found in the virtual world of metaverse. There is no denial of the fact that while the world of metaverse is virtual, the karmas of avatars are as real as the human operating the genie. The real life karmic actions are channelized via the avatars in metaverse which would reflect the consequences. Consequences of Karma are same whether meta formed in material world, physical world or in virtual world. The physiology of Crime is unique in every sphere and the punishment of Karma identical in every world.

We create our own karma. Karma is the result of the choices that we make every moment of every day.

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