International Numerology Day (IND) 2023

The forum attracted the participation of globally renowned numerologists who shared their views, experiences, and unique observations on numerology

The IND featured the observation of Numerology Day and the birthday celebration of Dr. J C Chaudhry, an eminent numerologist with four decades of practice in numerology. The 2nd conference of the International Numerology Forum, held on November 18, 2023 in the capital, attracted the participation of 36 renowned numerologists from around the world, who joined virtually and physically to express their views on the key points of the conference. The event witnessed the 3rd edition of International Numerology Day, which falls on November 18, annually, to create awareness about the benefits of this predictive science among the public, was also celebrated.

Dr. J C Chaudhry, Founder and Chairman of INF, delivered the keynote address during the event. He said that, “Around 40 years back there was hardly any part of our nation’s population who talked about numerology. People were not aware of it and they didn’t understand numerology.” He mentioned that now since the past 40 years people are gradually becoming aware of it. 

Talking about the International Numerology Forum (INF), Dr. J.C. Chaudhry also said, that this global initiative is expected to facilitate standardisation in numerology, and synthesise various streams of this ancient wisdom. The forum will strive to dispel misinformation and myths surrounding numerology by bringing forth empirical and experiential evidence, validated by investigations, on the impact numbers have on people’s lives. The forum also aims to make numerology friendly to the people so that a normal person also feel interested to learn this science.

He stated that, “People have understood how numerology can help in life. People are now interested in this field. After 5 years I think the awareness of numerology will reach a very high level.” He went on to say that it can reach the kind of popularity astrology has, as well. "This is a science that gives us a fair idea what is going to happen in people’s lives.” Moving on he said that it should help the youth. According to him, every person should know about of numerology as it doesn’t change your luck, but it gives us the probabilities of how you can mininise failure and maximize success. Numbers are the guiding stones for the whole world, he added. 

On a conclusive note he stated that the youth of today should be educated about numerology. Accomplished numerologists who addressed the gathering and participated in the panel discussion includes: Mr. Mudigonda Gopikrishna, India, Mr. Pari Sagar, UAE, Mr. Amreesh Saxena, India, Mr. Abhinandan Kumar, India, Mr. Govind Vedaprakash Shandilya, India, Ms. Deepa Bajaj, India, Mr. Pradiep Siingla, India, Ms. Allison Rose, Australia, Ms. Ankkita Siingla, India, Mr. Richard Ong, Malaysia, Ms. Sandy Smith, South Africa, Ms. Munmun Aidasani, UAE, Ms. Patricia, USA, Mr. Yusuf Ahmed Baloji, Nigeria, Ms. Greer Jonas, USA, Ms. Katie Youers, UK, Ms. Garima Duggal, India, Mr. Tarunn Kwatra, India, Mr. Sanjeev Guupta, India, Ms. Rajasudha, India, Ms. Rashmi S Saraf, India, Ms. Deepa Arora, India, Ms. Julie Bengani, India, Ms. Saanvi Gupta, India, Ms. Charru Gupta, India, Ms. Stuti Srivastava, India, Ms. Jyotsana Bansal, India, Mr. Atullya Nimai Dass, India, Ms. Rashmi Mittal, India, Ms. Shilpa Aggarwal, India, Mr. Sanjay Sethi, India, Ms. Sweta S Sandhu, India, Ms. Beena Ingole, India.

The YouTube Live streaming of the event garnered hundreds of views from numerology enthusiasts, students, and professionals. The day being the birthday of Dr. J C Chaudhry, a cake - cutting ceremony also took place.

About Dr. J. C. Chaudhry

Founder and Chairman of Chaudhry Nummero Pvt. Ltd.

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