India's Consciousness Industry Is On The Rise To Take Global Spiritual Market By Storm

The Gandant Global survey affirms India's enduring status as a global hub of consciousness

India’s health and wellness market is going through a remarkable transformation and is witnessing a plethora of innovative trends and technological advancements. Market reports predict that between 2020 and 2024, India’s health and wellness is moving towards the growth of startling USD 1,299.84 billion. After the pandemic period, a new era of alternative medicine and practices have gained wide acceptance amongst all generations especially the country’s millennials. A nascent yet promising industry is fast emerging which is coined as the Consciousness industry. Gandant Global, a trailblazer in metaphysical sciences has conducted one of its kind survey to put limelight on the potential of this fast growing segment in India. With responses from 2500 visionaries, including psychic mediums, spiritual tech startups, lifestyle coaches, tarot card readers, and energy healers, the survey illuminates India's ascent as the global nucleus of consciousness and spiritual renaissance.

The survey affirms India's enduring status as a global hub of consciousness and spirituality, with 60 per cent of global and local tourism dedicated to spiritual exploration. The survey underscores that India has been the epicentre of spiritual wisdom for centuries. The corporate world is increasingly turning to spiritual resources and practices, marking a paradigm shift in leadership training and mindfulness retreats. Incorporating neuro-linguistic programming techniques, these practices are becoming integral to corporate well-being initiatives.

In the heart of India, New Delhi hosted the 'Consciousness Kumbh,' India's inaugural event dedicated to metaphysical sciences on 23rd December 2023 at the Constitutional Club of India. This extraordinary gathering united psychic readers, spiritual guides, palmists, astrologers, tarot card readers, and various divination experts under one transcendent roof. The Consciousness Kumbh aimed to create a transformative experience, offering participants an opportunity to explore various metaphysical sciences. From psychic shows to vision board parties, the festival presents a diverse range of experiences, ensuring that attendees leave with newfound insights and perspectives.

Survey Highlights: A Glimpse into India's Spiritual Landscape

● The survey affirms that India, rooted in centuries of spiritual wisdom, is poised to become the global epicentre of consciousness and spirituality. With 60% of global and local tourism dedicated to spiritual exploration, India's allure transcends borders.

● The corporate world is increasingly turning to resources and practices such as energy healing and mindfulness. Leadership training and mindfulness retreats now incorporate neuro-linguistic programming techniques, reflecting a growing acknowledgment of the benefits of spiritual practices.

● Divination practices, from astrology to numerology, are deeply ingrained in Indian households. The industry presents immense potential, with traditional practices and Western divinations gaining popularity across the country.

● The pandemic has accelerated the demand for energy healing and similar services. In times of uncertainty, individuals are focusing on larger life questions, leading to a surge in demand for services addressing existential concerns and stress management.

● The survey underscores the urgent need for standardisation in the consciousness industry. Despite relying on century-old practices, the absence of a gold standard for healers and certifications poses challenges. Standardisation is crucial for gaining wider acceptance and recognition.

● The survey reveals the potential for India to foster unicorns in the consciousness sector. With Earth entering a massive shift in 2024-25, startups that connect spiritual healers and seekers through stable platforms and global communities hold significant promise.

Ppriyal Lokhandvwala, Founder of Gandant Global and ICF Certified International Coach and Trainer, shared her perspective on the evolving spiritual landscape, stating, "This survey is a testament to the growing recognition of India's profound spiritual heritage. It serves as a compass, guiding individuals and businesses towards a more conscious and enlightened future. The insights gathered are not just answers; they are the keys to unlocking a deeper understanding of ourselves and the universe we inhabit.”

Gandant Global, founded by Ppriyal Lokhandvwala, aims to be the bridge connecting seekers and talented practitioners in the metaphysical sciences. The Consciousness Kumbh marks a pivotal moment in India's spiritual journey, with Gandant Global at the forefront of shaping the industry's narrative.


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