India As The World's Largest Book Market Gains Global Attention

The global attention gained was at the New Delhi World Book Fair 2024

As India asserts its position as the world's largest marketplace for books and the publishing industry, the New Delhi World Book Fair (NDWBF) 2024 showcases the 10th edition of the New Delhi Rights Table (NDRT). This B2B exchange forum boasts participation from over 40 participating countries and features 500 scheduled meetings, including notable representatives from United Kingdom, Argentina, Spain, France, Turkey, Iran, Italy, UAE, Nepal, Bangladesh, and more.

On Day 3, the two-day dynamic event commenced with an Inauguration Ceremony with an esteemed dais of Directors, organizers of international book fairs, eager publishing houses, and authors from the publishing industry across the world. Aligned with the trilingual formula of National Education Policy 2020, India rises as a premier market for multilingual books and cross-cultural collaborations.The B2B meetings at NDWBF facilitate the largest exchange of copyrights, placing business and discussions on publishing licensing at the forefront.

Prof. Milind Sudhakar Marathe, Chairman of the National Book Trust (NBT), set the tone with the opening address, emphasizing the transformation of fairs into lucrative opportunities for business through modern technology and meeting contemporary needs. The New Delhi Rights Table provides a unique platform for international and domestic convergence in the global publishing industry. The event also featured insights from industry leaders like Mr. Gareth Rapley, Director of the London Book Fair, and Ms. Elena Pasoli, Director of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.Ms. Pasoli shared how these spaces have the transformational capacity to evolve into a marketplace for copyright exchange, an arena where agents of the publishing industry feel welcome to collaborate. Ms. Jacks Thomas, Guest Director, Bologna BookPlus, lauded the Indian Publishing Industry for its adaptability to evolve while emphasizing its inclusive nature. Shri Yuvraj Malik, Director, NBT, reiterated the importance of collaboration at both global and local levels in fostering growth and innovation, highlighting the global capacity of the Indian market by pointing out that 3 out of 4 of the largest Book Fair Organisers in the world were among those present in the audience.

Shaping Future Writers of Multilingual India at Children's Pavilion

The Children's Pavilion at NDWBF focused on shaping future writers of multilingual India, featuring storytelling sessions, workshops, and initiatives promoting early-age writing. Renowned storyteller Amrit Nagpal engaged school children, adorned in blue and red blazers, with a Bhojpuri tale titled "Chidiya Ka Dana," showcasing the essence of India's linguistic diversity. Subsequently, a series of workshops were held, including "Ink and Author: Learning to Become an Author" by Takhte Writers & Publishers and "Chota Bheem's Squad: Story-Writing & Drawing Club" by Rajnikant Shukla (POGO), all aimed at nurturing young talents into future writers and artists. The Pavilion, embellished with captivating illustrations, also hosted the innovative Daak Room initiative, encouraging children to participate in early-age writing by sending letters worldwide.

Additionally, Ek Koshish Special School organized a Dance & Movement Therapy session, emphasizing inclusivity in the diverse landscape of multilingual India. To strengthen international bonds, the Italian Embassy Cultural Centre hosted a session where Italian-French author and illustrator Sophie Benini crafted a captivating children's story titled "The Irresolute Flower," highlighting the significance of storytelling through vivid illustrations. Furthermore, a workshop for teachers on "How to Make Comic Books Academics" underscored the crucial role of educators in shaping future writers and artists.

The Theme Pavilion highlighted the cultural and social heritage of Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh, offering a visual journey through history.The Theme Pavilion highlighted the cultural and social heritage of Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh, offering a visual journey through history. A panel discussed 'Leadership in Strife: Netaji, Azad Hind Sarkar, and the Military Perspective,' shedding light on the life and legacy of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

The International Pavilion hosted the Illustrator Corner, Italy-India Forum, and showcased world-famous Italian illustrators. The India-Italy Forum emphasized multicultural camaraderie, fostering collaboration between Indian and Italian artists. The Authors' Corner celebrated the power of writing and art in multilingual India, featuring discussions on book marketing, civil servants' journeys, philosophy, literature, and the pivotal role of women in literature.

The NDWBF's Amphitheatre offered a multicultural extravaganza through words, music, and dance, featuring cultural events, theatrical presentations, and performances by artists such as Shlovij and the YUGM band.

NDWBF 2024 stands as a testament to India's prowess in the global book market, showcasing its rich literary diversity and fostering international collaboration in the publishing industry.


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