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I believe that the way our working styles are and will continue in the coming years will affect the way we perceive, understand and analyze things and situations.

How will the future of work impact our mental health?

The work we do shapes us as a society and vice-versa, and this has always been the case. The kind of work and the pace at which we work will have a lot of impact on not just our physical but emotional, mental and spiritual health.

I believe that the way our working styles are and will continue in the coming years will affect the way we perceive, understand and analyze things and situations. Instead of being more and more open-minded, we will be pushed to being more judgmental, always over the edge, insecure and frustrated unless of course, we do we work on our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Mental health spectrum is not just about being happy in the moment, it spread wide in terms of being acceptant, forgiving, compassionate, adaptive etc. and these areas of our beings would be pointing towards being imbalanced in the majority. 

Employees in distress prefer support from technology, instead of human beings. 

In today’s world, unfortunately, technology is the medium to everything, and people are more connected to their phones and laptops than they are to their friends and family or themselves.

As time has passed, our mentality has moved from compassion to comparison leading to competition and judgmental behaviours. This has rooted so deeply on our subconscious level, that we have become very un-trusting in nature; this has led to looking for technology as support instead of human interactions.

Also, machines do not really analyse or put in their biases while having a conversation, so whatever you say or do or want is the final call, then may it be binge-watching, call an unknown person, surf on the internet – all these give us ways to release our emotions without actually dealing or facing them, and hence there are no mental arguments of emotional conflict. This is also one of the reasons why people tend to look for support in tech, not humans.

What happens at work is one of the primary determinants of our wellbeing?

We can separate work-life from personal life as advertised so widely, the simple reason being we are the same individual internally. We carry our personalities, joys and sorrows, where we go. We spend a good 8 – 10 hours of our waking conscious time at work and with people at work, they shape our thoughts and exchange vibes and energy on a spiritual, energy level and these vibrations or frequencies tend to manipulate and change our internal frequencies daily. Our wellbeing is first on the spiritual level, then emotional, then mental and then physical, so if our energies move towards the lower frequency, our wellbeing is hampered. As we spend most of our times at work, I truly believe that one of the primary determinants of our wellbeing is how and what happens at work also the kind of people we deal with regularly.

What Work Has to Do with Mental Health?

Everything. You can-not segregate mental health in boxes of personal life and professional life. Any kind of work, may it be in a corporate, or as an entrepreneur or even housework for the matter of fact affects one’s mental health. How you feel about yourself at work, your self-esteem, your value, all of these combined create energy or a vibrational frequency that helps you function at work. If you are happy, you will work harder if you haven’t accomplished what you set to achieve you will feel depressed and that feeling will linger and then spread across other areas of life too which directly are not a tall connected with your workspace.

How to control the stress benefits of meditation and how it can affect your brain?

Stress has become so common now, that every third person you speak to seems to be going through some sort of pressure, we need first to be sure if it really stress or just a simple anxiousness! Meditation has phenomenal effects on the mind and how you deal with situations in life. It most importantly calms you down and helps you become whole in the moment. Meditation activates parts of our brain that produce happy hormones as well as relaxes the neuro system. When you meditate regularly, you will feel happy, stress-free, in the moment, less anxious, physical pain relaxation, capable of handling unforeseen circumstances, increase in focus and concentration and become a more grounded person.There are many kind of meditation one can practice, I suggest being with the basis – breath work or sound.

What causes depression and how to get help

Depression can be due to various reason from stress, low self-esteem, insecurity, learned behaviour, feeling of helplessness or being lonely to name a few. Depressions are also of many kinds, we need to understand if you are suffering from depression or these are low hormonal bouts of emotional feelings. You can consult psychiatrists, psychologists or healers and therapists like myself. Alternative healing therapies are great simply because they work on the root cause with the patient and while they heal they work on their entire life slowly to make it better for future, and for coming lifetimes!

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