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Consistency brings great results, and great results bring greater exposure.

1. What drove you to be a fitness coach?

I wasn’t always this fit. As a kid, I had huge love handles and never liked what I saw staring back at me in the mirror. Finally, I decided to do something about it.

I started taking a scientific approach towards fitness; training and eating based on my goals, fitness level and lifestyle. My love handles completely vanished in just a couple of months, and people started to notice. I also felt more energetic, fitter, fresher and younger on the inside. I had found the secret to success, the secret to becoming the best version of yourself. I wanted to share this with those who struggled just like I did, so I decided to pursue a professional career in fitness and health. This is how I discovered my passion for becoming a Fitness Coach and started my brand MSF to make fitness easy, affordable and accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.

2. How do you see people putting fitness as a priority?

Your mindset plays a big role in making fitness a priority in your life. Once you make fitness a non-negotiable aspect of your day-to-day routine, just like waking up and brushing your teeth, etc, — you will be on auto-pilot and it will not feel like a daunting task/challenge anymore.

3. What have these pandemic years changed in the fitness industry?

While online fitness training had already been increasing in popularity, the pandemic and lockdown gave the field a massive boost! When you provide clients with world class professional guidance/fitness solutions that are easily accessible, valuable, useful and convenient, they find it easier to stay consistent. Consistency brings great results, and great results bring greater exposure. Online fitness coaching is where it’s at!

4. What has been your core mantra during all these years?

Believe, persevere, perspire!

Positive change is only possible if you believe in yourself, and constantly push yourself to achieve new goals by putting in the sweat/smart work. Once you adopt this mindset, it becomes easy to stay on track with your fitness regime.

5. Do you see online training sessions as an upcoming trend?

Online training isn’t BECOMING a trend. It’s already extremely popular due to the convenience of being able to access world class personal training no matter where you are at your preferred time! Over the past 5 years I have helped 7500+ clients from all over the world, and even the remotest towns of India to achieve amazing fitness transformations. It allows people access to world class solutions at their fingertips.

6. On a broader scale, where do you see the future of fitness heading?

With the growing awareness about the importance of fitness, access to the internet and a plethora of knowledge, today’s generation is getting more and more inclined towards fitness. People have started to become conscious about their eating habits, making sure they get at least 3-4 days of workouts/intense activities done during the week. They see fitness not just as a vanity project to look and feel good, but also as a method to safeguard their long term health and prevent many lifestyle related illnesses/diseases like Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases, etc. With this changing mindset of today’s generation, consumers are going to demand better value services that are customised / personalised for them so that it becomes easy for them to follow suit. Gone are the days of cookie cutter programs. Each individual is different and requires a tailor made solution to suit their individual lifestyle/routine.

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