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Somarka represents a revolutionary approach to treating water and is aligned to supporting natural health and the health of the entire biological ecosystem.

1. What is Somarka full spectrum coherent water?

Scientists have discovered that the structure of water has a key role in determining its quality. Double Nobel laureate, Linus Pauling said that water rearranges its molecular arrangement to encode, transmit, and integrate new information, similar to storing ‘memory’. In most available water these days, the H2O molecules move chaotically and crash into each other. Since this happens at a microscopic level, we are not aware of them. Research shows that when the same molecules are arranged in a liquid crystalline structure, the water resonates with electromagnetic fields in unison; the water changes in its properties and has a profound influence on life. To quote another renowned scientist, Dr Rustum Roy (Professor, University of Pennsylvania, member – US National Academy of Engineering), “The structure of the water is much more important than the chemical composition”. Water in its liquid crystalline state is also referred to as full spectrum coherent water.

After over 13 years of research, two scientists in Netherlands developed a method to transform regular water into this full-spectrum coherent water. This is achieved through a simple device, marketed as the Somarka Coherent Water Tube. Somarka is a clear quartz crystal tube filled with a special “Mother Water” that transforms regular water into a supercharged, full spectrum, coherent state. When brought into proximity with normal water, the Somarka device causes chaotic and irregular H2O molecules to rearrange into the same liquid crystalline structure as the Mother Water.

Somarka represents a revolutionary approach to treating water and is aligned to supporting natural health and the health of the entire biological ecosystem.

2. How is this different from alkaline water or ionized water?

Alkaline or ionized water are different from regular water by virtue of the pH level of the water. In contrast, coherent water does not deal with the pH levels of water. Instead, coherent water deals with the alignment of water molecules in a certain “crystalline” fashion. So even alkaline water / ionized water could be treated with Somarka to become coherent water. In that sense, it is complementary.

3. Is coherent water treatment a method of filtration? How does it compare with commonly used filtration methods such as Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultraviolet (UV) or other such methods?

Coherent water treatment is not a method of filtration and does not remove microbes. Likewise, it does not affect any dissolved salts or fluorides either. So, the properties of

hard or soft water are unaffected by our treatment. Users would need to use their own discretion on filtration based on the quality of the source water. In fact, we advise that users should filter their water first to make it drinkable quality and then use Somarka to make the water coherent.

4. Can Somarka water boost immunity? If so, why?

Water is involved in almost all the biological processes in the body. In fact, water accounts for almost 99% of molecules in the body, underlining its criticality for health. Regular consumption of Somarka coherent water unleashes the body’s natural rejuvenative powers. To study this impact, we conducted scientific studies called GlycanAge that determine biological age by looking at the state of the immune system and inflammation levels. Over a period of just 3 months of daily consumption of our coherent water, 99% of the participants experienced a biological age reversal of 1-12 years, as their immune system became stronger and inflammation levels dropped. We also conducted a customer survey recently to assess feedback and experiences from regular users of Somarka coherent water. Over 70% of the users reported that they felt an improvement in their immunity (i.e. they felt they were falling ill less often).

The Glycanage study gives some clues as to why this immunity is improved. This is because the prevalence of coherent water in the system is associated with an improvement in the glycans that are known to be anti-inflammatory (G2 and S glycans) and a reduction in glycans that promote inflammation (G0). Especially, high levels of S glycans are associated with the absence of different autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and are generally considered to be biomarkers of good health. Currently, we are studying the impact on other immunity biomarkers as well, to explain this phenomenon from more perspectives as well.

5. Have any studies been done to demonstrate the effect of Somarka coherent water?

The scientific team has engaged in a series of research studies over the years to demonstrate the effects of Somarka coherent water. Studies have been conducted at world-renowned laboratories in Europe such as Wetsus (Netherlands), TNO, Neurotherapie Centrum Hilversum and more. These studies have consistently shown the positive impact of Somarka full spectrum coherent water. We already explained the results from the Glycanage study earlier. In addition, we have also seen:

· Brainwave harmonization - Somarka coherent water helps achieve equilibrium in brain waves between the left and right hemispheres. This has been seen through EEG readings taken after drinking Somarka coherent water.

· Increase in energy levels - Somarka coherent water has 300% more electrical capacity in comparison to normal water. This translates into increased energy levels for humans.

· Strong improvement in energy levels in food grown - Our studies showed a substantial increase in energy storage capacity of tomatoes grown with Somarka coherent water. We also noted a higher degree of coherence and slower biological aging of the tomato plants grown with coherent water.

In addition to the laboratory studies, the Somarka team also conducted consumer research amongst its early users to ascertain their feedback. The results were overwhelmingly positive.

o 70% feel their immunity has improved (i.e. they fall ill less than before)

o 72% feel that their digestion has improved

o 70% feel they are more calm and less anxious

o 87% feel the water feels fresher and lighter than regular water

o 83% feel that the water hydrates better (need less water to feel satiated)

6. What other health benefits accrue from coherent water? How long does one have to consume it for any effects to be seen?

Regular consumption of Somarka has a clear discernible impact on general health, as seen from the consumer survey as well. Besides the physical health benefits, Somarka also has an impact on harmonizing mind and body. One is able to perceive things and connect to universal consciousness in a better way. That's why Somarka water is also referred to as 'conscious water'. We have also seen (via EEG scan studies) that Somarka supports rapid recovery from the impact of cellphone radiation. In a world that is increasingly immersed in hours of cellphone usage on a daily basis, this offers an amazing solution to mitigate the impacts of radiation.

As for the duration of consumption, our recommendation is that you consume only coherent water, so as to achieve the maximum impact on your system. The degree of impact varies from person to person. Some have reported feeling substantial improvement in their clarity within days of using this water, while others have reported a big difference in their digestion within a month.

The question of duration has to be seen in tandem with the fact that water is 99% of our molecules. So just like nutrition for health is not a one-off solution, coherent water for health isn’t either. It has to be an integral part of one’s routine for the maximum benefits to accrue. That’s why we say – as long as one is alive, one must drink coherent water!

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