In Conversation With Aman Puri, Founder, Steadfast Nutrition

The vision of eradicating protein deficiency in our country and build something for the sports fraternity seemed real, hence I started working towards it.

Q1- When did the brand start? How did you come up with the idea to start a premium sports nutrition brand?

We started working towards building Steadfast Nutrition in 2014 with all the research and hardwork and launched the same is 2017 with two key brands “Carborance” for endurance energy & “Power Protein” for endurance recovery.

I am also an athlete and as an Indian athlete I understand the challenges one faces. It was during one of the events I noticed that there were a lot of International athletes who were using variety of supplements to prepare themselves, whereas all the Indians were staring at them or having ordinary energy drinks. The idea of starting a premium sports nutrition portfolio catering to athletes as well as public who understands the importance of nutrition struck at that moment.

The vision of eradicating protein deficiency in our country and build something for the sports fraternity seemed real, hence I started working towards it. Now Steadfast Nutrition caters to everyone from a 5 year old active child, to an athlete, to 95 years old and beyond who may have chronic diseases. From Illness to wellness we cater all.

Q2 - What is the mission and vision of the brand?

Steadfast Nutrition has two missions & visions for the coming years. One is to make India a protein efficient country by year 2040. Currently India suffers from protein deficiency, and it is due to reasons like- vegetarian population, religious aspects, stereotypical mindset regarding supplementation etc. It is not necessary that the protein requirement should be met through supplements, balanced diet is utmost important. Protein is very essential for healthy functioning of our vital organs; it increases the life expectancy rate and enhances the quality of life.

The other vision we have is to make India the Sports Capital of the World by 2050. Currently it is Australia due to its facilities, infrastructure etc. Any athlete who suffers an injury rush to Australia due to its better healthcare facilities. We would like to change that. Problems like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and blood pressure can be controlled by being healthier. It will be good if we can use our country’s youth to indulge their aggressive energy towards sports which will further benefit their society, health and sports career.

Q3- How many athletes are associated with the brand? Can you share few names?

Steadfast has around 150 athletes, celebrities & associates on panel with us. To share a few names; Rohit Shetty (Bodybuilding), Dr. Mridula Saikia (Figure athlete), Tapasya Solanki (Bikini athlete), Harneet Kaur Dhillon (Powerlifting), Nusrat Khan (Bikini athlete), Aarti Verma (Sambo), Shahbaz Nadeem (Cricketer), Nilkanta Sharma (Team India, Hockey Player), Nikitin Dheer, Shweta Gulati, Vivan Bhatena, Siddhaanth Vir Surryavanshi, Prathamesh Maulingkar and many more professional athletes and celebrities.

Q4-How the brand is helping athletes? How does the association works?

We have supported a couple of athletes as and when they require, for e.g. Rahul Singh a professional cyclist, he was going to represent India and needed some financial support, we helped him financially, got him sponsorship, equipments etc. Riyazuddin again a professional cyclist, Aarti Verma bronze medal winner of Asian Sambo Championship, they were also supported financially in previous years.

We reward our athletes with a cash price when they win a medal; for eg: Dr. Mridula won IFBB Pro Card at IHFF, Rohit Shetty won Gold medal Body Building Mr. Asia 2019, we awarded them with INR 50,000 each. We sponsor their protein diets and other essential needs. Steadfast supports and appreciates the athletes who contribute to the sports fraternity.

Q5- How was the business during pandemic?

Everyone had their share of losses during this pandemic period. However, Steadfast Nutrition maintained its stability. We had 180 employees before the pandemic started and now we have 185 plus employees. We launched one of our products “HerbFizz” in the month of May 2020 in contrast with its original launch date somewhere in the later part of the 2020. HerbFizz thereafter became one of the fastest selling products and won Immunity Champions of India Award in the Innovation in Food Supplement category as this product helped masses during the difficult times. HerbFizz is a blend of nine organic herbs along with probiotics, to strengthen your digestive system in a delicious effervescence dosage form. This unique blend of superfoods provide antioxidants, promotes detoxification, gut functioning and naturally boosts immunity.

Q6 - Are you planning to expand in the nutraceutical market for immunity boosting?

Yes, in fact we have launched four new products in wellness range keeping in mind the challenges like stress, anxiety, sleeplessness everyone faces due to stressful urban lifestyle. The products are, 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP)”, this supplement is a Stress Buster, Mood Enhancer and helps in the treatment of conditions like Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Fibromyalgia, Migraine, Hot flashes and Weight Loss plus it is non-habitual.

“Melatonin”, a hormone which is naturally present in our body that helps us to sleep. It acts as a sleep regulator, adding melatonin in the form of supplement helps in better sleep and it is non-habitual.

“Milk Thistle”, It is a supplement that helps in Liver Detox, it protects Liver from getting damaged, detoxifying organs, reduces the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) by increasing good cholesterol (HDL) levels and lowers the Blood Sugar Levels in Type-2 Diabetes.

“Curcumin”, an active compound found in turmeric. It acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer & immunity boosting agent. It reduces the inflammation, prevents cancer risk, protects against heart diseases and improves brain function.

Growing awareness about health and fitness was already paving the way for a thriving competitive landscape for nutraceuticals in India. The rapidly changing consumer lifestyle and increasing health consciousness amongst consumers, especially in urban regions, have led to a swift growth of nutraceuticals market in the country.

It is an unorganised yet a growing market, last report we have of this market is of 800 crores and growing. The scope is much more, one as a population we are huge in number, second the awareness of nutraceutical products is not much once that reaches its peak it will be the best market to invest your money.

Currently international brands have 80% of the market share in India and Steadfast Nutrition is trying to change that with premium quality supplement portfolio for life time usage. All our products are organ friendly. As We Understand Organs Better.

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