Importance Of Nutrients And How To Complement Them In Your Diet

The increase in the spending capacity of individuals and easy availability of tasty but non-nutritious and fattening food items through many global food chains

Nutrition is a tricky subject to talk about. In today's day and age, there is rising awareness on the topic but there is also a certain amount of ignorance that persists. Nutrition issue in modern-day society is a combination of over and under (or mal) nutrition. 

Even though overall malnutrition is not a common phenomenon nowadays (except in very remote areas or in the economically weaker sections of society) but it doesn't mean that we have completely overcome the social evil. On the other hand, over-nutrition has become more common and a life-threatening issue. The increase in the spending capacity of individuals and easy availability of tasty but non-nutritious and fattening food items through many global food chains have positioned taste over health for many.

The dietary habits of many people have drastically changed in comparison to the last 20-odd years. This has resulted in a high intake of carbohydrates, sugars and unhealthy fats. And the end result? Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Diseases, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and much more. 

Early Gratification is a Myth!

The irony of the situation is that good health is desirable for all. When the first day of the year strikes, everyone aims for a 6-pack ab and subscribes for a gym membership. The two extremities of either being too motivated to achieve health or being completely lethargic and not working for it at all are very pertinent issues in modern-day society.

People will have to understand the fact that nutrition is a long journey. Following the path of diet for a day, week or month won't yield desired results. It is only consistent behaviour that can actually bring about a change. So, we have to basically transform the right diet for you into a lifestyle of yours.

What to improve & What to reduce? 

To your surprise, extreme habits like eating ‘only fresh fruits and vegetables’ can also lead to a lack of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in one's diet. So, what one needs to have is a balance. No one can drastically change a lifestyle. Whether it be adding fresh fruits, vegetables, and proteins or reducing junk.

'Cravings' is a regular human behaviour that comes about by regularity in certain food intake. So we have to take a step-by-step process of reducing undesirable potions and increasing the desirable ones.

One has to reduce unwanted fats and carbs that come from junk foods like pizzas, burgers, sugar, processed foods, packaged food and more. Whereas the intake of fresh vegetables, fruits like apples, oranges, bananas and pulses needs to be added to one's diet. 

Don't be influenced!

One other important point to note in the conversation about nutrients is customisation. In a time when we are all surrounded by influencers from various social media platforms, we have increased our trust in various influential personalities rather than in the actual subject experts. We have to take a point into consideration that people who have millions of followers cannot customise plans according to your requirements. 

The right diet for you depends on various factors like your sex, height, weight, metabolism, food habits, activity, ailments and much more. So, to be precise, every person has a different need in terms of food intake. These factors make the blind followership of social influencers quite impractical. 

Expertise is the Key! 

Another important step to making complete and optimal use of your body is Consulting An Expert. It is the golden rule that most of us forget. If we go to a dermatologist for skin-related problems and a paediatrician for our child's health-related issues, then why not consult a nutritionist for the key issue like our daily nutrition?

Always purchase fruits, veggies or other staple supplies from a trusted vendor to avoid food adulteration. For supplements, trust the brands with thorough research and not the ones with mere heavy influential marketing. And lastly, always take the expert through the ideas that you have for your daily diet for the right consultation and understanding of your health & lifestyle. Nature never fails to reciprocate your efforts to build a healthy lifestyle, provided you know your nutritional state and address it correctly.

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