How Yoga Can Bring Perfection In Body, Mind & Soul.

The word Yoga means Union - skill to live your life, to manage your mind, to deal with your emotion, to be with people, to be in love and not let that love turn into hatred. Yoga practice can make us more and more sensitive to subtler and subtler sensations in the body. It is one of the surest ways to steady the wandering mind. Yoga aims at the union of the individual with the universal reality. This reality cannot be new. It must exist even now, it does exist. It is obvious that the system of Yoga has a very vital role in life from the very beginning.

Maharishi Patanjali, in his Yoga Sutra, defines yoga as "cessation of all changes in consciousness." Yoga is the science and practice of obtaining liberation from the material world. It not only points the way to liberate but offers a practical path to self-realization, a means of attaining enlightenment by purifying the entire being, so that the mind-body can experience the absolute reality underlying the illusions of everyday life.

Yogic Sadhana comprises of Yogasanas, Pranayamas, and Dhyan (Meditation). Compared to ordinary physical exercise, Yoga provides comprehensive benefits for body, mind and soul.

Body: Keep the outer parts of the body including sense organs healthy and beautiful. Inner parts of the body including various organic system and metabolic activities gets stronger and effective.

Mind: Helps to achieve self-confidence, patience, courage, tension and stress-free mentality. Negative tendencies get faded to embrace a positive attitude.

Soul: Yoga helps to reach towards the ultimate level of Spiritual growth of self-realization.

According to Patanjali's Yogasutra, when a Yogi attains purity due to sadhana then he achieves the spiritual perfection. 

There are Eight levels in Yogic Sadhana:

1. Yam: Non-violence, truth, not stealing, continence and non-accumulation.

2. Niyam: Purity, satisfaction, austerity, a study of the scripture and devotion to God.

3. Aasana: Posture of the body, to remain seated comfortably.

4. Pranayama: Regulating the breathing pattern for the positive transformation of the personality.

5. Pratyahar: The senses and their functions are detached and controlled by the Chitta (mind and its attributes); which is essential for meditation.

6. Dharana: Fixing of the Chitta in a particular object, field or concept.

7. Dhyana(Meditation): The seeker enters the transcendental state of the self by way of uninterrupted concentration of Chitta on the object of worship or field.

8. Samadhi: Through meditation, one attains Samadhi, the realization of self.

It is said that when complete success in Yoga is achieved, the seeker attains super-natural powers as boons. But it's inevitable to use them for good purposes; or else that may cause disaster and waste of efforts.

Comprehensively Yoga is a vibrant practice for self-realization of powers of body, mind and intellect/soul. We can practice Yoga with a dedication to achieving the best results. Being the art and science of Human Body, Mind and Soul with the ultimate target to achieve the unity of self (Atma) and the Supreme (Parmatma). The Yogic sadhana guides us towards the perfect life with peace and progress in our journey towards the ultimate aim of self-realization which is an integral part of the supreme soul.

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