How Personalized Can Diet Get? Here's What You Need To Know About DNA Based Diet

Genetic factors influence our food preferences, how effectively we process different foods, nutrient interactions in our body and the nutritional demand of our body.

Our genes literally define who we are- from the colour of our eye, our skin, to our height and weight. It’s not just that, there is growing evidence suggesting that most individuals who suffer from chronic diseases today have a genetic predisposition to it. This also means that genetic factors influence our food preferences, how effectively we process different foods, nutrient interactions in our body and the nutritional demand of our body. Genetic variability in turn explains why different individuals respond differently to the same foods.This has given rise to the nouvelle area of personalized DNA based nutrition. This up and coming segment is also known as ‘nutrigenomics’ i.e. the link between genetics, nutrition and disease.

Let’s explore some applications of genetics in improving your nutrition:

1. Food preferences: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and other members of their family have a notorious reputation for being disliked. A lot of individuals are repelled by their taste. But did you know that there is a genetic reason for this? These crucifers contain a compound called ‘phenylthiocarbamide’ which is perceived as either bitter or almost tasteless by the person consuming them based on their genetic variability.

2. Hereditary diseases: You might have noticed how certain families have diseases running in them through generations. New generations are asked to take precautions and maintain a certain dietary lifestyle to prevent them from getting the same condition. Afterall, there is truth to this. Certain diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, hypertension, obesity are hereditary. This means that if your paternal or maternal relatives suffer from any of these conditions, you are more likely to suffer from them because of your genetic predisposition to these diseases.

3. Addiction behaviour: Not just diseases, but we are even predisposed to our addiction patterns. What makes an individual an alcoholic or a chain smoker? It may have to do a lot more with genes than we had earlier imagined.

4. Nutrient needs: A simple laboratory test will let you know the present amount of nutrient in your body, but an in-depth genetic analysis will help determine the need of that nutrient in your body along with how well it is absorbed and assimilated.

5. Customized diet: No two individuals follow the same weight loss curve. Some individuals lose more weight on a carb restricted, high fat diet while some on the other hand lose more weight on a fibre rich, low fat diet. Gene based nutrition will help us understand how a person’s body metabolizes these macronutrients so we can skip the trial and error and directly recommend to them the diet that is best suited for them. 

DNA Based diet is a smart way to achieve your health and nutrition goals because it is constructed keeping you in the center of all the planning, calculations and preferences. It is the advanced way, new way and smarter way to eat healthy. Nucros is providing DNA based diets. We will assist you in understanding your reports right up to planning and delivering the meals to you. Your health is our priority.

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