How Kids Can Rediscover Themselves Through Yoga

Yoga is that tool that will help a child stay connected with their body and breath.

In the last decade, yoga has gained a lot of recognition in the health and wellness industry. This revolution is mainly because yoga looks into one’s holistic development. Holistic development is where we look into one's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. In a world that is changing so swiftly and where there is so much uncertainty Yoga helps people connect with themselves helping them cope with these unprecedented times. While adults are still struggling to find that balance, the most affected segment are the kids of this era.

Today's kids have suddenly been exposed to so much unfiltered information from the outside that they have very little time to sit and connect with their inner self. Yoga is that tool that will help a child stay connected with their body and breath. It helps inculcate in them humanitarian values of non-violence, kindness, commitment, self-love etc and also follow a disciplined lifestyle.

Here are the benefits of introducing yoga to kids at an early age

Physical - Cooped indoors, yoga is a great way to help them with awareness, strength and endurance. Yoga poses help not just get physically stronger but also helps in improving their immunity.

Mental and emotional - Various breathing exercises practiced in yoga helps kids connect with their breath and help them understand their emotions. Kids also learn to identify and handle their negative and positive emotions based on their breathing pattern. It helps them maintain an emotional and mental balance. 

Spiritual - Various mindfulness techniques like journaling and reflecting upon their day, help kids get to know their true inner self better which in turn helps them cope up with peer pressure, addictions and failures.

Dos and Don’t to start your kids yoga practice

- Do not insist too much on having the perfect form in the poses (asanas). Remember their bodies are still developing. 

- Avoid any breath instructions which practicing the poses.

- You want your child to practice Yoga as a lifestyle. Make it fun. It can be a part of their daily routine. One needs to follow it as an everyday practice in order to enjoy all its benefits. 

- During breathing exercises, Do not ask them to hold their breath. The natural rhythm of their breath is just perfect. Do not alter it.

- Inculcate the habit of Journaling. It really helps them reflect and connect with themselves.

So use Yoga as a healthy way to bond with your child and gift them a practice that they will always value and cherish all though their life.

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