How Corporate India Is Redefining Approach To Wellbeing At Workplace

Great workplaces ensure that they adopt a comprehensive framework-based proactive approach to wellbeing

In the post pandemic world, every organisation has some or the other spend on wellbeing, However, wellbeing programs and initiatives are not necessarily effective in all organisations. 

It is incredible to see that organisations that have successfully institutionalised wellbeing have made it an integral part of their people and business strategy. It is no longer a calendar of activities, or a one size fits all approach. Great workplaces ensure that they adopt a comprehensive framework-based proactive approach to wellbeing. It is distinctly visible in the culture they create. Leaders in these organisations role model the right behaviours and communicate the message that wellbeing is as important as any other business metric. They create an environment where employees are not afraid to speak up, share a concern or try new ideas. Employees experience an environment of psychological safety, genuine care, and a sense of belonging. On the World Health Day, WHO has called for action on the theme ‘Health for All,’ and the leaders in corporate India can be instrumental in making this vision a reality for the workforce of our country.

In terms of wellness related benefits, there is hyper personalisation for different cohorts of employees based on their needs and preferences. A significant and positive shift has been the investment in mental health benefits. Access to certified counsellors and psychologists is considered hygiene just like access to doctors for physical health related concerns. There is also a conscious effort to normalise these conversations and reduce the stigma associated with mental health.

Progressive organisations have hugely expanded the landscape of wellness benefits and sessions available to employees. These can be broadly classified under three heads:

Awareness and Sensitisation Sessions:

- Areas considered as Hygiene -

- Yoga/Zumba

- Meditation and Breathwork

- Diet and Nutrition

- Mindfulness

- Stress Management

Emerging areas

- Digital Detox

- Emotional Intelligence

- Ikigai and Personal Growth

- Suicide Prevention Awareness

- Handling Grief

Strengthening the Foundation

- Financial Wellbeing

- Manager Sensitisation

- Inclusive Mindset

- Unconscious Bias

Many organisations have also added many additional components to the health insurance cover including mental health, covid insurance, cancer treatment, disability coverage, fertility treatment, alternative treatments, coverage for same sex partners, gender reassignment etc.

Managers play an extremely critical role in creating an enabling environment and the expectation from their role has become more demanding and challenging in the current times. Great workplaces invest in enabling and sensitising their managers to take care of their own wellbeing and also support the wellbeing of their team members.

Flexibility has truly overtaken compensation today and is a non-negotiable for employees. While options of hybrid working, work from anywhere, etc are a function of the business model of an organisation and may not be practical for all organisations, organisations have introduced a host of options under leave benefits to provide flexibility to their people.

Some of the options available today in great workplaces include unlimited sick leaves, paid sabbaticals, paid volunteering opportunities, unpaid career breaks, and caregiver leaves or flexible working option. These are being formalised as structured programs and policies rather than being decided on a case-by-case basis. It is crucial for organisations today to recognise the importance of encouraging work life balance and providing options of such breaks for their employees to recharge.

The recommended approach is to enable an ecosystem of wellness benefits and resources and empower the employees to access them as per their interest and requirement.

We also have to be cognizant that this is an evolving area in a rapidly changing environment that we operate in, and a responsible organisation is constantly listening to their employees and observing the external factors, to quickly improvise and modify their initiatives and programs as required.

Wellbeing is the foundation of creating a high-engaged, high-performing workforce and a future ready organisation that is resilient and designed for growth. The following principles can be our response to change.

R: Responsible Leadership

E: Enabling work environment and Flexibility

S: Sense of belonging and genuine care

P: Psychological safety and personalization

O: Opportunity to speak up, share concerns, innovate, and develop

N: Nimble and proactive approach

S: Sensitisation of people managers

E: Ecosystem of resources and empowerment of employees

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