Homeopathy – Simple Remedies For All Ages

Book Author - Dr. Mukesh Batra, a homeopath of international repute, is the founder-chairman of Dr Batra’s™ Group, the world’s first and largest homeopathy corporate

Penned down by Dr. Mukesh Batra, ‘Homeopathy – Simple Remedies for All Ages’ certainly breaks the shackles of limited beliefs in people’s minds about the concepts of homeopathy. His book is a guide that offers remedies for various ailments and even mental health related issues such as anxiety and depression. For easy reference, the diseases are arranged alphabetically whenever that suited accessibility, in some other places different groupings have been followed. It is a guide to wellbeing and natural health. It is the authoritative anthology of homeopathic remedies for everyone. Dr. Batra shares his professional experience and command over the knowledge of the benefits of homeopathy. He is India’s most famous homeopath and founder of the world’s largest chain of homeopathy clinics. Writing simply and clearly, Dr Batra explains each condition, its symptoms and variations and what homeopathic remedy is likely to work best.

The book includes useful dos and don’ts as well as illustrative case studies, obtained from over 40 years of medical practice. Dr. Batra mentions that the greater part of the inquiries he receives even today, are from ordinary people in towns and cities, who have had some positive experience of homeopathy, and wish to know more, e.g., cures for specific ailments, do’s and don’ts, myths and superstitions, palliatives, sure-fire remedies, and so on. The book that approaches the subject with enough simplicity for a layman, and yet enough substance to please a professional person, is a work worthy of praise and respect.

According to the author today however, there have been many research papers published in scientific journals including double blind trials to prove the efficacy of homeopathy. It is portrayed that in homeopathy the doctor views his patient as a symphonic orchestra consisting of hundreds of instruments. He communicates the message that first perhaps we should see how homeopathic medicines are prepared. He states that we should take the example of the plant known as the Deadly Nightshade (Atropine Belladonna). This tall, bushy herb grows wild in the wooded or waste areas of southern Eurasia. From its dried leaves and roots, medicinal alkaloids such as hyoscyamine, hyoscine and atropine are extracted, for use in sedatives, stimulants and antispasmodics. Shedding light on ailments and the simplest and purest cures for them, this book definitely stands apart in terms of meticulous information which is worth a lot of attention and gratitude.

On a conclusive note we can say that this is a must read for every individual who wants to gain the knowledge of homeopathy and even that of simple remedies for all kinds of physical and even some mental ailments. Anyone who wants to know where the true roots of homeopathy in India should pick this work worthy of immense gratitude.

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