Herby Angel Launches Certified Organic Nutrition & Personal Care Products In India

Herby Angel announced the launch of its exclusive range of nutrition and personal care products for children in the age-group of 0-12 years

The brand’s range of 20 Ayurveda-based nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products is formulated by Ayurveda doctors and tested from NABL accredited labs which aims to promote holistic healthcare for children. With high-quality and competitively priced products that are 100% safe, organic and chemical-free, the brand unites the wisdom of nature, science, and Ayurveda, to provide little ones the best of health and wellness solutions right from their formative years.

With authenticity, safety, transparency, and sustainability at its core, the brand’s nutrition range has been thoughtfully curated with the choicest of ingredients to provide utmost nourishment to growing children. The range includes Fruit Mix, Ragi Mix, Sattu Mix, and Organic Jaggery Powder that fulfills the nutritional requirement of infants and young children and aids in their all-round physical as well as mental development. Free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, aflatoxins and heavy metals etc., Herby Angel’s nutrition range is completely organic, ready-to-eat and available in exciting flavours such as Banana Chikoo, Banana Sesame, Guava Chikoo and more, for the little ones to truly enjoy.

Talking about the brand and the nutrition range, Ms. Sherry Jairath, CXO, Herby Angel said, “We started Herby Angel with the vision to address the market gaps in organic personal care and nutrition for children in India. Our product range has been curated by India’s leading Ayurveda doctors to fuel children’s growth through wholesome nutrition. What makes us truly stand out is our commitment towards transparency. We ensure to deliver the highest quality products and upload all batch test reports on the website for parents to verify that our products are free from harmful chemicals.”

“We have been receiving positive feedback from our early customers and we are confident that our products will be most trusted by parents and loved by little ones as we continue to consolidate our presence across the country.” she added.

Launched in October 2022, under the aegis of Herbal Chakra Private Limited (HCPL), the brand introduced 20 products under skin care, hair care, nutrition and essentials categories and envisions to address several gaps that currently exist in the personal care and nutrition space for children. Unlike some brands that claim to be organic but do not have any valid certifications or products formulated on the principles of Ayurveda, Herby Angel’s product range is thoughtfully crafted using Ayurveda herbs in their purest and most unadulterated form. Right from carefully selecting certified organic ingredients to making sure that the products are made in the best facilities, the brand adheres to stringent quality benchmarks and gets tested only from NABL accredited laboratories, thus upholding the firm’s high standards.

Dr. Swathi Ramamurthy- Head, Research & Development, Herby Angel shared, “The R&D team at Herby Angel has been working relentlessly for the last six months to create this nutrition range which is completely organic, toxin-free and packed with nutrients. Moreover, we have ensured that the range is not only competitively priced but also available in exciting flavours so that kids can truly relish it to fulfill their daily nutritional requirements. We take pride in being completely transparent and thus assuring parents that the range has no artificial flavours or preservatives and is completely safe, authentic and nourishing for their little angels.”

As India’s first certified organic brand for babies, infants and young children, Herby Angel aims to provide utmost safety, purity, transparency and efficacy to foster their wholesome growth and development at every stage.

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