Health-Tech Revolution : Healing Without Medicine

At a recent health and wellness exhibition in Mumbai, the technological boom in healthcare was observed, BW Wellbeing World of BW Businessworld explains the health tech boom - healing without medicine

Technological advances are easing access to healthcare, right from enabling virtual surgeries to providing healthcare solutions, adding value-addition results, say experts emphasising that the technology is healing humans, bringing in a health tech revolution.

What is the health-tech revolution?

A health-tech revolution is any technology, including medical devices, IT systems, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud and blockchain, designed to support or heal in healthcare.

Healthcare technology has seen growth in the last few years and a plethora of startups spurred the growing trend, offering healing without taking medicines. Though it’s a big challenge to medical science some companies report that technological healing in humans is a success.

At a recent health and wellness exhibition in Mumbai, the participating organisation claimed good health using advanced new tech systems or devices, Let’s quickly sneak peek at the high-tech health gadgets and their ability to cure human disorders. Starting with the hydrogen inhaler and hydrogen water bottle manufacturing company, Serene Envirotech Solutions which introduced a hydrogen-generated tech-based solution for generating hydrogen for human consumption with health benefits.

Commenting on the hydrogen bottle, Babu Sudhakar, Founder Chairman and Managing Director of Serene Envirotech said with the high-end tech system in our hydrogen generating bottles, one needs to just fill our bottles with the normal tap water and the advanced technology generates hydrogen in the drinking water that benefits with hydrated skin, elimination of inflammation, improved blood circulation, enhanced brain activity, anti-aging and cellular health boost.

He underlined it’s a next-gen hydrogen production technology 4.0, a solution to all the excessive generation of free radicals formed in our bodies. Free radicals are highly reactive molecules formed during the various metabolic processes in the body causing health issues.

Furthermore, a non-pharmaceutical treatment alternative for anxiety, stress, and chronic pain was also witnessed at the expo booth wherein RelaxoPod System, an isolation tank manufacturer managed to attract visitors with its pearl-shaped float tank claiming relief from many disorders.

According to the RelaxoPod’s representative, its intelligent redox multiple disinfection technology can heal pain and help in recovering from injury, arthritis, asthma, depression, and fertility issues. Further boosting the immune system. Health tech is no wonderland. It is the technological power that along with science is incredibly rejuvenating the human body, he added.

The exhibition even introduced the visitors to a health-tech device by Healy, a healthcare gadget manufacturing organisation that claimed their device can download the lost energy in the body and rejuvenate humans for their work.

This all looks seemingly interesting but when it comes to health we can’t just rely on the companies and their declarations, doctors and their consultation is a must so there needs to be a lot of research and verification while practicing the health-tech solutions, say reports.

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