Habitat For Humanity India, Aramco India Build Sanitation Facilities For Local Community

Four sanitation units have been constructed for Zilla Parishad Schools in Wada, Chas and Kadus villages, benefiting more than 400 students

Habitat for Humanity India, a leading housing non-profit organization, in partnership with Aramco Asia India Pvt Ltd (Aramco India), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aramco, handed over sanitation units to 257 families and four Zilla Parishad schools in the villages of Wada, Chas and Kadus, located in Khed block, Pune district.

The handover ceremony took place in the presence of Mohammed S. Al-Herbish, President of Aramco India, and was attended by representatives from both sides and local residents.

“Building household toilets is key to improve sanitation and hygiene and protect against infections for local residents, particularly during monsoon season. By having a toilet at doorstep, all families will save on medical expenses and be protected from insect-borne diseases. It is a huge benefit that the toilets were constructed before the monsoons,” said Mina, who works as an Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) in Wada village.

Commenting on the collaboration, a spokesperson from Habitat for Humanity India said, “Habitat India builds sanitation units, as it is a basic need of a family, and is required to make a home adequate. Building school sanitation units will ensure that children in these villages will have access to improved sanitation facilities in their schools, as well as their homes. The project will benefit 257 families and nearly 400 students. By prioritizing hygiene and sanitation, this initiative will create a ripple effect which will lead to a widespread adoption of hygienic practices, ultimately improving the overall health and well-being of communities. We are thankful to Aramco for partnering with Habitat for Humanity India.”

Al-Herbish said, “Access to adequate sanitation facilities is crucial for building sustainable communities and addressing health disparities. We are pleased to be part of this initiative in partnership with Habitat for Humanity India. By emphasizing the importance of hygiene and sanitation, the initiative not only benefits the families directly but also communities in a holistic manner.” 

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