Guideline for Health and Wellbeing in the times of COVID-19 Pandemic

The power of positivity and optimism, which is our seventh sense, is the force that gives us the strength and the attitude to stand firm at the most difficult and trying times of our lives

Covid-19 could be the most dreaded word for now and in times to come but the inbuilt human resilience will see us through as it has done in the past in similar situations. The power of positivity and optimism, which is our seventh sense, is the force that gives us the strength and the attitude to stand firm at the most difficult and trying times of our lives. Our body responds to the mental stimulus and prepares itself for the challenges. All we need is the will to fight the negativity, fear and despair and prepare ourselves to face any eventuality by remaining optimistic. This pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives and not just physical health. Therefore we have to fortify every aspect of our life against it.

• Exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes everyday

• Get adequate sleep for a minimum of seven hours and maintain a proper sleep cycle

• If you are on regular prescribed medication, take your medicines on time

• Abstain from Alcohol/Nicotine Intake

• Drink plenty of water and keep your body hydrated



In times of crisis it is natural to feel anxious. To remain positive and cheerful, in the face of crisis, is the real challenge.

People with optimism look forward to positive outcome and choose happiness over dejection and despair. Pain is reality but the suffering is not. Avoid catastrophic thinking or over thinking that lead to negative thoughts.

• Engage in meaningful and creative tasks that make you happy

• Play board games that involve mental exercises

• Engage in fruitful and intellectually stimulating discussions

• Practice meditation and mindfulness for 5 to 10 minutes every morning and

evening which may include pranayama, breathing exercises etc.

• Create a book wish list and enjoy reading

• Online learning sources are a boon for self-development

• Avail the opportunities to engage in novel and creative pursuits



Positive emotions help us look at critical life’s situations more optimistically. The choice is between choosing happiness, alertness, and cheerfulness over sadness, despair and depression.

• Choose joy, passion, engagement, involvement and commitment

• Make an e ort to connect with your professional network

• Connect regularly with the signi cant people like friends and family

• Stay away from negative or catastrophic thinking

• Help those who need care which would enhance your happy hormones • Rea rm your beliefs and values for more inner strength

• Appreciate the beauty around. Beauty of a colorful  ower, a butter y

or the melody of chirping bird is a joy forever. Become a shutterbug and capture this beauty


At such times when the general economy is showing downward trends, the mismanaged finances can contribute to tremendous heartaches. Therefore it is important to pay enough attention to your financial health too.

• Remain objective towards your  nances and don’t take any impulsive decisions

• Understand and follow Government’s guidelines and regulations

• Remain calm about the volatile  nancial markets

• Make informed  nancial decisions and be careful but not obsessed

• Feel a sense of gratitude for what you have and thank the divine

• Work is worship- Your commitment towards work and contribution to profession

is the source for strength

                                             OUR ENVIRONMENT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY

We are part of the environment we live in and we are responsible towards its wellbeing and sustainability. We need to be aware that social, natural, and built environments affect our health in more ways than we know. How we carry ourselves in these times will affect our general environment.

• Keep your surrounding and home clean and orderly

• Be extra careful about how you dispose your garbage

• Follow a strict regime regarding grooming and self-presentation

• Follow a routine. Manage and organize your time well

• Make sure that there’s cheerfulness in your surroundings- listen to music,

share a joke, laugh wholeheartedly and hum a timeless melody • Take care of plants and greenery around you

• Enjoy the company of nature. The bounty of fresh air, sunshine, beauty of nature comes free but is sensitive to our apathy



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