Great Place to Work® Felicitates India’s Best Workplaces In Diversity, Equity & Inclusion™ 2022

Intersectional inclusion, leadership action to overcome workplace bias, and effective support to grow diverse communities are what sets them apart from the rest

Great Place to Work® India has announced India’s Best Workplaces in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion™ 2022 on 22nd September 2022. This is the 2nd edition of India’s Best Workplaces in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion™. The prestigious award ceremony occurred during the Great Place Inclusion Summit 2022.  Multiple organizations were assessed as a part of this research, based on which, the Top 5 have been identified as India’s Best Workplaces in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion™ 2022. To be eligible for this study, the organizations were required to have historically excluded groups constitute 10% of the total workforce, and be accredited for inclusive practices, apart from the workplace experience of the historically excluded communities.

The Great Place to Work® Institute’s study on India’s Best Workplaces in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion™ is the only study in the country that captures voices from historically excluded communities. This year’s study represents the voices of over 68,000 employees of which 33% come from historically excluded groups – women, persons with disabilities, employees who identify as being part of the LGBTIQA+ community, opportunity-deprived Indians, and employees from marginalized socio-economic backgrounds.

The Great Place to Work® study substantiates that the structure of the practices, especially in integrating, developing, and supporting diverse communities, along with leadership action, are key differentiators of the Best Workplaces, and are far superior to the rest. Research highlights that the higher the experience of bias at the workplace, the higher the intent to attrite. Thus, the Best Workplaces foster a listening culture that allows them to take the necessary action to create a great workplace experience For All™.

Sandhya Ramesh, Head - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Great Place to Work® Institute India said “The mandatory reporting of ESG performance by the Top 1000 Listed organizations, as ordered by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, is an anchored step in the right direction to promote more inclusive economic development. Insights from India’s Best Workplaces in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion™ 2022 conducted by Great Place to Work® Institute India, highlights that the pivotal differentiator between the Best Workplaces that are inclusive of all communities and the Rest is Leadership action and Inclusive Practices.”

She further added that “We learn from the Best Workplaces that sustaining a culture of inclusion is not a choice anymore, it is a key differentiator of the New-Age Organization - that drives Purpose and Performance. We congratulate the Best Workplaces for continuously striving to create inclusive ways of doing business, and hope this inspires others to join the journey of making India a great place to work for all”.


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