From Chaos To Calm: My Spiritual Awakening With Guruji

Rahul Dev shares his journey of spirituality in this materialistic world that has been a source of fulfilling life

Amidst life's turbulence, which often seemed to be an unending storm, Rahul Dev, a successful model, and actor, discovered a guiding light in the name of Shri Tarneiv Ji that turned his chaotic life into a calm haven. His life purpose was illuminated by the wise and compassionate spirit of Guruji, whose guidance came at the darkest hour.

Dev belonged to a Punjabi family, and entering the modeling industry was not a difficult path for him. Later, he entered the film industry to take his career forward. His spiritual journey entirely began under the influence of Shri Tarneiv. Guruji emphasised that life is not just about leaving the material world to reach divine power but, in fact, about accessing life and embracing everything that one chooses to do. With the grace of Guruji, he recognised that work is an integral part of life, and 12 hours of work is the most meditative and best thing you can do in life.

There is a phase in everyone’s life when they are lost and on the verge of losing all hope. Dev shared about his turbulent times when he lost his first wife to cancer and was clueless about parenting his 11-year-old child singlehandedly. That phase of his life was about battling material success and the emotional needs of being a good father. Guruji’s guidance became medicine for his pains.

Life is based on the notion of earning comforts, and money is the essential ingredient of that notion. Amidst the moments between thriving and surviving life, he failed a few startups. He refused to work. One fine day while sitting with Guruji, the call from the big boss came again, and Guruji asked him to take this offer and suggested that somewhere we all need to start again when given a chance. He accepted the offer to enter Big Boss, and he turned out to be the highest-paid celebrity of that season.

Spirituality blooms under the light of the right light, and Guruji was that ray of light in Dev’s life. This world is full of materialistic pleasures. The spiritual world is not different from the material world. Everything is materialistic in this world. People tend to believe that they need to leave possessions and turn towards the forest to live a spiritual life. Guruji’s profound wisdom transformed his journey of inner peace and spiritualism.

While highlighting the teachings of Guruji, Dev pointed out a few significant learnings from him. We all hope to get the best of everything, from money and work to opportunities. Under his influence, he laid out the significance of acquiring money and fulfilling materialistic desires. He developed an understanding of how acquiring wealth helps to navigate the challenges of everyday life and how people with more wealth can ease the lives of others or people in need. He further stressed the fact that money further encourages creativity to exist in the form of art, poetry, and literature. All these learnings from Guruji made a shift in his mindset towards life.

Guruji's impact extended much beyond, permeating the very fabric of his interpersonal connections. His lessons on empathy and compassion changed the way he interacted with people. His personal life's dissonant notes found a harmonic rhythm, and he learned the great delight of unreservedly loving someone. Mugdha Godse, an actress and model, became his companion in the journey of life, and they together started moving forward in this life journey. He followed his passion for fitness and encouraged people to care for their physical health.

The guidance of Shri Ji in his life is like a fragrance that keeps his life blooming and becomes a solace for everyone. He reflected on a shift in his perspective on life by introducing Krishna Vandana, which consists of 108 names of Lord Krishna. Dev and Mugdha together turned towards a magnificent tapestry woven with strands of thankfulness, fortitude, and intense delight under Guruji's direction. He advised young people to chant these names to feel the energy of divine power and move ahead towards a meaningful life. “It enables a sense of relaxation to make better decisions in life," added Dev.

Guruji's influence was not only momentary; rather, it was a metamorphosis, a rebirth into a life that was truly experienced rather than merely lived. His blessings and guidelines are like a living chart, serving as a continual reminder that life's true beauty is found in how we see and accept it, not in its circumstances. Guruji's bridge bridged the emptiness within him and filled it with a profound sense of purpose.

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