Forces Of Entropy Kills A Human Being: Dr Mickey Mehta

Cleansing, purifying, regulating, and fortifying is what's just needed for longevity, says Dr Mickey Mehta

Speaking on the keynote address at BW Wellbeing 40 Under 40 awards on Wednesday, Dr Mickey Mehta, Global Leading Holistic Health Guru and Corporate Life Coach said that the forces of entropy kills a human being but it can be countered by yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, dhyana, etc.

He said, death is a culmination of diseases and diseases are the culmination of our choices. "Choose eternity, health, healing, wholeness, choose longevity. Fundamental to life is breathe. Regulated conscious breath with awareness will not make you make mistakes. Life will be a bundle of happy good takes."

Applauding Indian Vedic wisdom and ancient gurus, Dr Mehta said, "Our shastras say klesha (chaos), avidya (ignorance), asmita (identities), raga (attachment), dwesha (aversions), abhinivesha (fear of death/losing) kills us. Cleansing, purifying, regulating, and fortifying is what's just needed for longevity."

Another important thing for longevity is dhyan. "If you want longevity and stillness, learn to release and to be in ease because catching on will make you die fast." Talking about Karma, he advised everyone to choose to way one want to live, eat, and sleep. As per modern science, the effect comes before the cause, and this can happen only when one is in dhyan, he said.

"Only yoga and ayurveda can make the dead walk. So please follow only Indian ancient wisdom traditions. You will flourish and live long," Dr Mehta said.

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