Exploring How Scientific Discoveries Can Deepen Our Understanding Of Spiritual Concepts

Spirituality makes us realize that the soul is a spark of unique life, the life energy that we all have

Spirituality is the ‘science’ of the Spirit, the Soul or the Atman. Spirituality makes us realize that the soul is a spark of unique life, the life energy that we all have. The soul is just a speck of energy that comes from the large ocean of energy that is everywhere. This energy is ever-powerful and ever-so-mighty. This energy that is everywhere is the supreme power and just like energy can neither be created nor destroyed, this Power is also birthless and deathless. It is the Supreme Immortal Power, SIP, that we all call, God. Thus, the knowledge and depth of Spirituality comes from a deeper understanding of science and scientific concepts. 

Until very recently, the world believed that science and Spirituality couldn’t see eye to eye and they were completely divergent subjects. Science and spirituality are said to have no synergy, but one thing they both agree on is that everything is energy! Recently, the path-breaking research in the field of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics has proved that science and Spirituality not only go hand-in-hand but also intersect. The study and research on Wave-Particle Duality that won the Nobel Physics Prize in 2022 essentially said that every matter is energy. Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics is a study of atoms and subatomic particles. Every molecule that appears to be, can be broken down into smaller particles like electrons, protons and neutrons, till we come to the tiniest of all particles called a Quark. 

The Quark may appear to be having physical properties but in reality, it is nothing but a wave of energy that is appearing as a molecule of matter. This proves that matter and energy are interchangeable. A matter may appear to be a matter but it is energy, in reality. In the Wave-Particle Duality experiment and studies, the scientists realised that the particle of matter had become energy and the wave of energy reappeared as a particle of matter. This result of the experiment further led to the understanding that if every molecule of matter is in essence nothing but energy, then this whole world of matter is in reality, a manifestation of energy. This is what spirituality has been saying - this whole world and everything in it that appears to be is nothing but energy.

How can scientific discoveries deepen our understanding of spiritual concepts? Scientific discoveries and theories provide physical and experimental evidence that will help us accept spiritual theories because however much we say that these domains do not have synergy amongst themselves, we cannot deny the fact that these domains say the same thing in different ways. They believe in the same reality but have divergent clarifications and explanations leading to them. Science explores to get to the truth and spirituality helps us in the realisation of the truth.

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