Embracing Happiness Through Awareness

In today's modern era, we are witnessing a wonderful shift towards prioritizing our overall health and well-being

Recognizing the significance of caring for our physical well-being, we consciously include some form of daily physical exercise or activity in our routines. Moreover, we have become more mindful of our diet, embracing healthy choices like morning green smoothies to promote better gut health. In a similar vein, it is equally crucial to incorporate simple daily exercises that focus on training and cleansing our minds. Just as we strengthen our physical muscles through regular exercise, these mental exercises will fortify our "happiness muscles" and nourish our souls. They have the transformative power to alleviate challenging emotions and mental states like stress and anxiety, leading us towards a lasting sense of ease and calm. This, in turn, fosters a more fulfilling and balanced life, emphasizing the importance of holistic well-being and happiness in our fast-paced and demanding world.

The Happiness Gym Exercises

To attain a state of happiness, we must incorporate uncomplicated daily exercises to rewire our mental habits. These scientifically proven tools are used globally today. Let us together refrain from giving ourselves a post-dated cheque of happiness and instead, make it our present choice. By doing so, we can open our current account of happiness immediately, allowing its abundant benefits to enrich our lives here and now.

1. Daily Acts of Kindness

The key to experiencing genuine happiness lies in displaying kindness towards ourselves and others, as kindness and happiness are directly proportional. All it takes is finding a way to perform a kind act for someone each day. These acts can range from small gestures like offering a sincere compliment or holding the door for someone, to more significant actions like buying water or snacks for those in need.

In this exercise, no act is too small or too big when it comes to practicing kindness. The beauty of it is that happiness is contagious. By engaging in acts of kindness and bringing joy to others, we also infuse our own hearts with happiness, knowing we have contributed to their well-being. This creates a multiplying effect on the happiness within us.

To reinforce this positive habit, it's beneficial to keep a daily record of our acts of kindness in the "notes" section of our phone. Reading our weekly journal on Monday mornings before starting a new week will further elevate our spirits and eliminate the possibility of Monday morning blues, setting the tone for a fulfilling week ahead. By nurturing kindness and happiness within ourselves and sharing it with others, we can make a positive impact on our own lives and the world around us.

2. Daily Digital Detox Schedule

In today's world, a substantial portion of our day is spent on smartphones and other gadgets. We find ourselves following people on various social media platforms. However, we often overlook the fact that what we witness are digitally enhanced and curated versions of individuals, far from their actual reality. These images can often leave us feeling disheartened, demotivated, and sometimes even resentful. In reality, they tend to drain our happiness rather than uplifting our spirits. Hence, it is crucial to continuously remind ourselves of this truth and be mindful of the time and energy we invest in our gadgets. Monitoring our usage can help us maintain a healthier, happier and more authentic state of mind.

3. Savouring: Finding the joy in little things

This practice encourages us to fully immerse ourselves in the present moment and cherish it to the utmost. For instance, in today's trending culture, we often find ourselves taking selfies or pictures of our food when dining out. However, the pursuit of getting the perfect photo can sometimes overshadow the actual experience, leaving us unable to enjoy the meal or engage in meaningful conversations with others. Though physically present, our minds become preoccupied with social media posting options, leading to passive engagement at the event and robbing us of the opportunity to experience genuine happiness.

To truly enhance our well-being, it is therefore essential to re-evaluate our behavioral patterns and shift our focus towards savouring the genuine moments. By doing so, we can live in the moment more fully and wholeheartedly, enabling us to find greater joy and happiness in our experiences.

Let us together commit to a disciplined approach to strengthen our happiness muscles by incorporating these tried and tested happiness exercises into our daily routines as it is simplicity and ease that always work best for us. This lifestyle change will shift us from chasing happiness to actively experiencing it each day and build resilience, enhance emotional intelligence, and ensure we lead a more fulfilling life. The journey towards mental well-being is continuous, and it's crucial to be patient and gentle with ourselves as we develop habits and practices that nourish our souls and foster happiness.

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