Ego Dissolution

This article is on understanding the nature of the ego, its impact on spiritual growth and practices that facilitate ego dissolution

Can we dissolve the ego? We can’t because as long as we are alive, ‘I’ will exist. But there is a hope, a solution. It is in understanding the nature of the ego. When we understand the nature of the ego, it is the one that says, ‘I’, ‘me’ and ‘mine’. And because it says ‘I, me and mine,’ it gets enveloped in ignorance. It believes, ‘I am this body,’ but in reality, ‘I am not the body. My body will die.’ The body changes and evolves continuously throughout life. We must understand that the body did not exist fully before the day that we call our birthday. It was forming for nine months in the womb of our mother before getting delivered in this world. So, we infer that we are not this body. But the ego looks in the mirror and says, ‘That’s me.’ This is because the ego is ignorant and because the ego says, ‘I, me and mine,’ it also thinks, ‘I am the mind.’

But where is the mind? The mind, you cannot find! Along with the mind, the ego becomes the Mind and Ego, ME, and because it becomes ME, it stops us from Spiritual Awakening. It stops us from Enlightenment. It stops us from overcoming ignorance and realizing that I am not the body, the mind and the ego, rather, I am the Divine Soul, the Spark Of Unique Life. In reality, we are the spark of life that was conceived nine months before our so-called birthdate that is written on our birth certificate. Conception is when a single cell gets energized with energy and a new life comes to existence. We are that life energy that causes the zygote, the first cell, to be formed and come into existence. One day, our body will die and return to dust but we are not the body. We leave and people will say that we passed away. We are that life energy that departed at death. But the ego gets caught in doing Karma or actions, along with our mind and it carries Karma from one birth to another birth and returns to earth in a rebirth. Therefore, as long as the Mind and Ego, ME exists, death is not the end but just a bend. We are reborn and this goes on and on. Thus, the ego is a huge roadblock in one’s Spiritual growth and attaining Spiritual Awakening.

How is the ego a hindrance in the Spiritual Growth? The ego creates agony and anguish through anger, hate, revenge and jealousy. It differentiates between ‘me’ and ‘you’. It makes us believe that we are the body that has a Soul, when in reality, we are the Soul, the Spirit or the Atman that wears the body like a costume or a garb. So, what is the hope? What is the way to facilitate ego dissolution? People talk about annihilating and dissolving the ego. We can’t do that. The only way to tame the ego is through Enlightenment of the Ego. If one has an Enlightened Ego, one can realize that I am not ‘I’. One will be able to realize, ‘I am not the body that will die, I am not the mind that one cannot find and I am not the ego that says, ‘I,’ as it is a lie.’ Realizing this truth, they will know that we have an ego but it is not an ego, rather, an Enlightened Ego.

The ego cannot be destroyed or dissolved till the moment of death, until there is breath. After death, there is no ‘me’ and no ‘I’ but as long as we are alive and we have an Enlightened Ego, we realize, ‘I am not this. I am that. Neti Neti, Tat Twam Asi.’ The Enlightened Ego will realize that I am not this body, I am not this mind and I am not this ego but I am that life energy, I am that Divine Soul, that Spark Of Unique Life that emerges out of the Divine or the Supreme Immortal Power, SIP, at birth and after death, merges back into the SIP. This is the Enlightenment of the Ego.

We don’t need to try and dissolve the ego because we can’t. But we can enlighten the ego. We can realize that I am not ‘I’. We can realize that I am a manifestation of SIP, the Supreme Immortal Power. We can realize that I am the Divine Soul. This is the ultimate goal. When we facilitate the ego to be Enlightened, we get Spiritually Awakened. With an Enlightened Ego, we can overcome the agony and anguish of anger, hate, revenge and jealousy and go beyond the mind that creates fear, worry, stress and anxiety and experience SatChitAnanda – Eternal Bliss in the Consciousness of the Truth.

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