Educating And Healing Our Children

On the occasion of Children’s Day, the significance extends beyond celebration, acting as a reminder to prioritize the well-being of the younger generation

The formative years of children are very crucial as that shows their upbringing and how they will become as adults. Mental and anxiety issues have to be eradicated completely. The children of today should feel free to make sensible decisions based on their childhood learnings. We as adults have the responsibility to nurture our children's good habits and benefits of them feeling good about themselves. There is a lot a child goes through in their early teenage years as well. Peer pressure, mental challenges, adolecence, and the phase when they start becoming even more mature and responsible is of utmost importance. 

The children in our present scenario need love and care along with support - mentally, emotionally and financially. They need people to always encourage them to do what they want to do or are passionate about. We should never criticize a child and always encourage them to cross all sorts of barriers. The rat race of being successful today puts pressure on teenagers from their early life also. Hence we as responsible adults must encourage them and show them that failure brings success. 

Assisting a child in managing school stress is pivotal for fostering a positive learning atmosphere. With 63.5 per cent of Indian students expressing stress due to academic pressure, parents hold a crucial role in mitigating these challenges. The key lies in open communication; parents can encourage their child to express feelings and concerns about school, providing unwavering emotional support. Establishing a healthy equilibrium between academics and extracurricular activities is vital to prevent burnout, with breaks and hobbies serving as essential tools for unwinding and rejuvenation. As parents and caregivers strive to support their children through the rigors of academic life, it’s even essential to recognize when additional help is needed. Seeking guidance from mental health experts can provide valuable insights and strategies to address and manage school-related stress, fostering a healthy and balanced growth for the child

On the occasion of Children’s Day, the significance extends beyond celebration, acting as a reminder to prioritize the well-being of the younger generation. Children’s Day underscores the necessity for a holistic approach to education that transcends mere academic achievements. Parents, educators, and society collectively should prioritize creating an environment where children feel valued, understood, and supported. Addressing school stress becomes a collective effort, contributing to the comprehensive development of children and ensuring they evolve into well-rounded individuals equipped to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and confidence.

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Dr Gorav Gupta - Co-founder, Emoneeds (Emoneeds is here to cater to our mental and emotional health needs)

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