Do Women Leaders Score High On Emotional Intelligence Than Male Counterparts?

Emotional intelligence is a crucial determinant of success in the modern era

About 58 per cent of job success is attributed to emotional intelligence and 75 per cent of Fortune 500 companies use emotional intelligence training and testing, according to a study by TalentSmartEQ. Also, The World Economic Forum listed emotional intelligence as one of the top 10 skills needed by 2025. As we mark the Entrepreneurs' Day on Nov 21, experts from diverse fields emphasize the crucial role of emotional intelligence in leadership, irrespective of gender. The occasion serves as a testament to the growing recognition of the transformative power of emotional intelligence, particularly in the realms of corporate leadership and entrepreneurship.  

It is noteworthy to understand the evolving landscape of leadership, where emotional intelligence is emerging as a critical factor for success. Professor Pon Mythili from Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, asserts, "Emotional intelligence (EI) is now a key factor in the dynamic realms of corporate leadership and entrepreneurship, particularly for women executives. Unlike traditional leadership styles that favored aggressiveness, the ascendancy of EI-driven leadership, marked by empathy, self-awareness, and social skills, proves beneficial for organizations aiming for long-term success."

“The pivotal role of emotional intelligence has emerged as the prerequisite for success. While intellectual and technical prowess hold their due importance, they function as mere steppingstones to the zenith of leadership. Without emotional intelligence, even the most brilliant minds find themselves constrained in fully realizing their leadership potential, as noted by Goleman (2019),” she further added.  

Sonya Hooja, Founder & COO of Imarticus Learning, stresses the universality of emotional intelligence, stating, "I think it's not right to associate emotional intelligence with a specific gender, particularly in the workplace. Emotional intelligence arises from both inherent nature and cultural influences. It manifests differently in various leaders, influenced by numerous factors and environments." 

“In both corporate and entrepreneurial spheres, there's a pronounced emphasis on soft skills, including emotional intelligence. Technical expertise on its own falls short without the ability to effectively communicate with a team or collaborate with others. These interpersonal skills often eclipse purely technical knowledge. It is also essential to remember that one must apply emotional intelligence both carefully and intentionally. If misused, it can either hinder leaders or be exploited for personal gain,” she further added. 

Prof. Kirti Sharma from Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon, highlights the pragmatic empowerment of women through emotional intelligence, stating, "Scientifically though emotional intelligence may not have been proven as a key differentiator yet for women but pragmatically it is empowering women as emotions have a significant role to play in the corporate and entrepreneurship ecosystem." 

Further delving into the biological and neurological aspects that may contribute to women's perceived strength in emotional intelligence, women are believed to create a robust skill set, fostering empathy, and reducing toxicity in the workplace through their ability to balance logic and emotions.  

Various research have consistently underscored that leaders with high emotional intelligence scores tend to excel in various assessments. By leveraging their emotional intelligence, entrepreneurs showcase the transformative power of forging strong relationships with stakeholders, contributing to sustainable growth and profitability. 


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