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“Uttarbasti” – A highly specialized Ayurvedic Urological treatment   

“Uttarbasti” – A promising treatment for many complex urological diseases 

Urethral Stricture & it’s Ayurvedic Urological treatment - Uttarbasti

Brahma Ayurveda provides promising Ayurvedic Urological treatment for many complex diseases of the lower urinary tract, without operation. “Uttarbasti” – A highly specialized Ayurvedic Urological treatment is proving to be a promising therapy for conditions like Urethral stricture, bladder neck obstruction, interstitial cystitis, recurrent urinary tract infection (recurrent UTI), prostate, stone, hypotonic bladder, etc. At Brahma Ayurveda these diseases have been successfully treated for the last twenty years.

Dr. Narayan Shahane, founder & Medical Director of Brahma Ayurveda is a renowned Ayurvedic urologist. According to him all these diseases are very complex, and Ayurvedic Urology manages them promisingly.

Out of all diseases urethral stricture is the most common disease. In urethral stricture, there is obstruction or constriction in the urethra – the tube that carries urine out of the bladder, due to which the patient suffers a lot. The personal, family, social and marital life of such a patient is completely ruined and the mental condition of the patient is also very miserable.

Causes of urethral stricture –

Infection, instrumentation into the urethra - such as frequent catheterization, examination of the urethra / bladder (urethroscopy / cystoscopy), urethral dilators, catheters in the urethra for a long time, surgeries on the urethra (circumcision, etc.), surgeries of the prostate (TURP), unsafe sexual practices, recurrent urinary stones, urethral cancer, urethral trauma or injuries & congenital urethral strictures.

Symptoms of urethral stricture –

1. Burning or pain in urination.

2. Weak flow of urine or dribbling of urine.

3. Retention of urine.

4. Frequent and urgent urination.

5. Straining during urination.

6. Delay in starting the flow of urine.

7. Double stream or spraying.

8. Urinary incontinence.

9. Pelvic pain.

10. Bleeding with urine or semen.

11. Pain in testicles.

12. Recurrent urinary tract infection.

13. Discharge from urethra. 

14. Retention of urine.

In conventional urology, its treatment is done by various operations like dilatation, urethrotomy (VIU), urethroplasty etc. But maximum patient gets relief only for one year and the disease recurs. The patient needs to be operated on again and again. That's why it is believed in urology that “Once is a stricture, always is a stricture”.

In Ayurvedic Urology, Uttarbasti provides really promising results for urethral stricture. In Uttarbasti an oil or water-based medicine is introduced into the bladder through urethra without inserting a catheter into urethra. It is an OPD procedure, which does not require hospitalization. It is a painless treatment, and no anaesthesia is required. Patient need not to rest and can resume her or his daily routine  immediately after the treatment.

At Brahma Ayurveda, patients of this disease have been treated successfully with Uttarbasti for the last twenty years and after treatment, most of the patients are leading a completely normal life for many years. Patients from twenty-one different countries have also taken advantage of this effective treatment at Brahma Ayurveda.

As an appreciation of this remarkable work, Brahma Ayurveda was invited on 12 October 2022 in a special program organized by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, in New Delhi. The program was to promote “Medical Value Travel” or “Medical Tourism” under the able leadership of respected Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji under the “Hill in India – Hill by India” campaign.

Brahma Ayurveda and Dr. Narayan Shahane have been continuously striving and committed for the last twenty years to spread and promote an effective and successful treatment like Uttarbasti at the national and international level, so that maximum patients suffering from these complex diseases get the benefit of this treatment.

Dr. Narayan Shahane believes that God has selected him to work in this field, that is why he has been inspired to do extensive research in this field, so all sections of the society should get the benefit of this therapy. Urologists from various countries like Japan, England, Russia, Egypt, Algeria, Singapore, etc. have come to Brahma Ayurveda to know about Ayurvedic urology.

Dr. Narayan Shahane is regularly invited to deliver lectures on Ayurvedic Urology in many international & national seminars including the International Symposium on Ayurveda held in Osaka, Japan in October 2020. Dr. Shahane is regularly invited as a Resource Person of Ayurvedic Urology, by Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India & Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth, New Delhi, sponsored knowledge enhancement programs for the teachers of Ayurveda colleges. (CME – Continued Medical Education for Teachers of Ayurveda Colleges). Dr. Shahane has full faith and hope that the great heritage of India – Ayurveda & it’s special branch Ayurvedic Urology will be fundamental in the welfare of the whole world.

About Dr. Narayan Shahane

M.S. (Shalya) Medical Director Brahma Ayurveda Multispecialty Hospital, Research & Academic Centre Nadiad (Gujarat - India), Consulting Ayurvedic Urologist, Honorary Ayurveda Consultant, Honorable Governor of Gujarat. 

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