Ayurvedic Herbs That Can Take Care Of Your Skin And Hair

Ayurveda teaches us to keep our mental and physical health aligned

Herbalism is a vital part of Ayurveda. So when we talk of herbs it involves Ayurveda without saying and vice-versa. Both can make you healthy and keep you so till last if you live a disciplined life. Ayurveda teaches us to keep our mental and physical health aligned. Taking care of both in the right way is living a healthy life.

Skin is a semi-permeable membrane . What you apply over your skin can enter your bloodstream. So apply genuine herbal emulsions not only to keep your skin healthy but also to protect your blood health. Apart from healing skin problems , Ayurveda and herbs together can treat depression, insomnia, and weak memory.

To stay healthy align your Doshas and Gunas

For aligning gunas disciplined sleep habits, intake of light food, reading good literature, practising pranayama, spending some time daily with nature are few steps to incorporate. To keep your vata, pitta, kapha doshas aligned, diet, light walk, singing, dancing, Om chanting can work.

Herbal drinks can affect both positively

Consult your Ayurvedic physician for balancing your Doshas and Gunas and also which herb, amongst the below mentioned, will be beneficial for you .

The herbs you should have at your home: Ask your doctor before consuming the below mentioned herbs

Spikenard / Jatamasi - An anti-oxidant. Controls anxiety and gives sound sleep. Is also an anti-ageing herb for skin and hair. An anti-fungal herb.

Chamomile / Babune Ka Phool - Chamomile tea is getting popular due to its stress releasing properties.

Indian Echinacea / Kaalmegh  - Balances blood sugar, improves immunity. It should be taken for a short time.

Feverfew / Jungli Kunain - To treat headaches. Ayurvedacharyas are successfully treating migraines with it.

Garlic / Lehsun - Good for heart health, digestion. Its Allacin component has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-cancerous properties.

Ginger / Adrak - Digests the food faster, Alleviates PMS Syndrome. Controls imbalanced Kapha, Dosha. It is safe to eat daily. It helps control IBS. Gingerol, the oil in ginger has vitamin C, Magnesium and Potassium.

Licorice / Mulethi - Tone booster. It is proven good for curing cough. Gargle with licorice put in lukewarm water. Applying it with moisturizing ingredients over skin gives anti-tan effect. Consult your ayurvedacharya before oral consumption of licorice.

Fenugreek seeds / Methi - A dietary supplement good for diabetes, menstrual cramps, to stimulate milk production during breastfeeding. Good for hair health.

Saffron / Kesar - It's a powerful spice and anti-oxidant. Taking extremely small quantities are beneficial for releasing endorphins making you happy, cures cold and cough, keeps the body warm in winters. Good for enhancing skin tone. it's fragrance puts positive effect over brain health an anti-depressant.

Indian valerian / Tagar - Migraine, stomach cramps, insomnia, depression.

Asafetida / Hing - Digestive benefits. It has numerous benefits for complete health. An elixir which we eat in every preparation, every day in India. Right from digestive to respiratory, brain health benefits it works positively for all ages.

Ashwagandha - Controls high BP, good to cure weak memory. It is anti-depressant.

Arjun Chhaal - Good to heal wounds and control higher blood sugar.

Banslochan - A good source of calcium and complexion booster. Cures cold and cough if taken with honey, black pepper, cinnamon, and cardamoms.

Turmeric - is an elixir

Triphala - to cure Constipation, weak eyesight, weakness.

Mustard seeds, onion seeds, aniseed and several others are in line.

Herbs can be the pride of your kitchen if you use them correctly for the well being of your loved ones.

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