Ayurveda Will Be Part Of MBBS Program In Haryana: Anil Vij

In the 5-year MBBS course, one year should also be devoted to Ayurvedic studies, says Anil Vij

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Haryana HM Anil Vij

Haryana Home, Health and Ayush Minister Anil Vij on Friday said that ayurveda will be part of the MBBS program in the state and a team has been assembled to prepare for the course.

Vij said, “We wanted in the 5-year MBBS course, one year should also be devoted to Ayurvedic studies. Groups have been formed and the course is being prepared. While four years will be devoted to antiretroviral therapy, one year will be devoted to Ayurvedic research. If need be, we are ready to fight for it.

“The State Cabinet has given Ayush separate departmental status. Previously, it was part of the Ministry of Health. But now Ayush's division will attract all the attention. The government aims to open 6,500 yogashalas in all villages in the state." He announced that the government will now also refund Ayurvedic medicines he signed on to a filing on Thursday.

He was speaking to a rally at the War Heroes Memorial Stadium during a state event organised as part of the 75 lakh Surya Namaskar organised by the Haryana Yoga Commission.


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