Awakening Consciousness Through Gem Therapy

Pandit Dr RK Sharma on BW Wellbeing 40 Under 40 Awards speaks about significance of gems in our life, and how does gem therapy helps uplifting our energies and consciousness

Gem therapy is a natural way to take care of your body using minerals and crystals. It is an ancient technique for pain relief, mind conditioning and balance, stress relief, and self-healing. Pandit Dr RK Sharma, renowned gem therapist, remedial astrologer, and vastu specialist said, "Right gem therapy uplifts our iccha-shakti (will), gyan-shakti (knowledge) and kriya-shakti (action)."

Dr Sharma was addressing the BW Wellbeing 40 Under 40 award on Wednesday. He talked about the inter-relation between the Supreme Power, soul, and nature, and how to improve it. "The human body is a conscious electro-chemical-bio system. The will power, knowledge, and action in us picks up as per this system. Therefore, we can develop our consciousness by developing our energies because both complement each other."

To demolish the obstructions in energies, one can practise chanting mantras, but in a life full of hyperactivity, its difficult for people to concentrate, said Dr Sharma. He said, gems are the tools that charge-up the person. "The most expensive thing in the world is time, and gems are useful in saving the time." Speaking about stress, he said that people who stay non-reactive to stressful moments see success.

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