Arthroscopic Surgery Is Good For The Shoulder

Shoulder injuries can be debilitating, impacting daily activities and overall quality of life

Shoulder injuries can be caused by a wide range of ailments, such as tendinitis, rotator cuff tears, and dislocations. Trauma, overuse, sports-related activities, and ageing-related degradation are all factors in these injuries. People of all ages, from teens to older people, may be vulnerable to shoulder injuries because of different lifestyle choices and underlying medical conditions.

To treat shoulder injuries arthroscopic surgery has emerged as one of the best treatment options. This minimally invasive procedure, commonly referred to as keyhole surgery, proves beneficial in addressing various disorders, including both sports injuries and age-related shoulder issues.

Explaining this treatment option, Dr. Vinay Gautam, Consultant Orthopedics, Manipal Hospital, Kharadi said, “Arthroscopic surgery has shown great success in treating shoulder injuries. This technology not only ensures accurate diagnosis, but it also allows for targeted and effective therapy, which reduces tissue damage and speeds up healing. Arthroscopic surgery addresses a wide spectrum of injuries, differentiating between sports-related concerns and common shoulder problems. Specific examples, such as ACL ligament reconstruction for knee injuries, shoulder dislocation, and rotator cuff reconstruction for shoulder pain, demonstrate the versatility and efficacy of arthroscopic procedures.”

According to recent statistics from the Journal of Arthroscopic surgery and sports medicine, arthroscopic knee and shoulder treatments are becoming more common. Age is one of the most important factors in determining the nature of knee and shoulder issues. This includes sports injuries like ACL tears and dislocated shoulders, as well as age-related conditions such as shoulder discomfort and rotator cuff tears. While joint replacement surgeries are still common, the scarcity of skilled arthroscopic surgeons for knee and shoulder procedures is noteworthy.

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