Arogya World Recognises 34 Indian, Gobal Companies For Workplace Health

Healthy Workplaces Programme recognised 34 Indian and global companies for championing workplace health

Arogya World, a non-profit organisation working to prevent non-communicable diseases (NCDs) on Friday announced their 2022 Healthy Workplaces and recognised 34 Indian and global companies for championing workplace health at their annual Healthy Workplace Conference and Awards flagship event.

The organisation recognised these healthy workplaces for promoting holistic health and well-being which includes the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of employees while focusing on healthy lifestyles for addressing NCD prevention and mental well-being at the workplace.

Arogya World also recognised five exemplary companies namely, Tata Consultancy Services, Larsen & Toubro, Manipal Cigna, Indian Oil, and Haleon, for attaining the platinum level, the highest level of honor defined by the Healthy Workplace program, and for demonstrating a data-driven culture of health. 

The 2022 Healthy Workplace companies are:

1. Mercedes-Benz

2. State Bank of India

3. Mumbai International Airport

4. Sony Entertainment Television

5. HCL

6. Tata Motors

7. Adecco

8. Coffee Board

9. Mikro Grafeio

10. Avian WE

11. LV Prasad Eye Hospital

12. Bagmane

13. RMZ - CBRE

14. Fresenius - Kabi

15. GarbhaGudi IVF Centre

16. Aprava (Jhajjar Power)

17. CGI

18. Vedanta (Jharsuguda)

19.Cairn Oil & Gas

20. Bharat Aluminium Company

21. Vedanta Limited (Lanjigarh)

22. Ferro Alloys Corporation

23. Talwandi Sabo Power

24. Vedanta Ltd- Sesa Goa Iron Ore Business

25. Hindustan Zinc

26. ESL Steel

27. Sterlite Copper

28. Department of Tourism (Karnataka)

29. Quess Staffing

Dr Nalini Saligram, founder of Arogya World said, “Employees are the biggest asset of a company. NCDs have a devastating economic impact and we all have seen that some have experienced the worst during covid. Workplaces are where people spend a significant part of their day. Therefore if we can get workplaces to champion healthy living, we can surely fight against NCDs. The result is for everyone to experience - the employer benefits through reduced absenteeism and increased productivity, employees benefit with improved health, and the Nation benefits as it advances the fight against NCDs.”

Dr Ashish Jain, Head – Employee Health and wellbeing at GSK and Advisory HWP Arogya World said, “Designing and efficiently implementing Healthy workplaces is no more a good to-do but a must-do for every corporate. And today more than ever healthy workplaces extend beyond our regular workplaces, into the homes of individuals. As a corporate, we need to be mindful and more accountable for the holistic health and well-being of an individual and the family. Having said that, it doesn't undermine an individual's role in this wellness journey.”

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