Antara Senior Care Launches Memory Care Home For Dementia Care In Gurugram

First-of-its-kind dedicated residential facility focusing on comprehensive neuro-cognitive care and wellness for dementia patients

This includes care systems & processes certified by an advisory council comprising of leading neurologists, industry experts and mental health & behavioral sciences practitioners. Certified and trained care givers based on Memory Care Learning Roadmap approved by Healthcare Sector Skill Council, India. 

Antara Senior Care, a part of the $5-bn Max Group, today announced the launch of its first dedicated residential Memory Care Home in Gurugram for holistic care of Dementia patients. The one-of-its-kind facility, specially curated for seniors with ambulatory, neurological and ageing-related conditions provides comprehensive neuro-cognitive care and wellness for Dementia including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other cognitive disorder patients to help them live a life with dignity and comfort.

Recognizing the growing need for Dementia care in the country, Antara is launching its Memory Care facility that offers clinical wellness solutions, cognitive activities to keep patients mentally and physically stimulated, emergency support, continuous surveillance, and regular updates to families of patients. All clinical and other processes have been finalised after rigorous consultation and reviews by an experienced advisory council comprising eminent neurologists, psychiatrists, and industry experts.

Antara Memory Care Homes offer continuous assistance and medical care in a secure home-like environment offering neuro-cognitive health interventions and specialised therapies, to ensure holistic well-being of all patients. All care givers will be trained and certified as per and approved memory care learning curriculum (162 hours duration), by the Healthcare Sector Skill Council, a Not-for-Profit working to create and set standards in the medical fraternity. The Council has been promoted by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and leading Healthcare Industry Members representing both public and private sector. The certification also positions Antara as a pioneer in memory care training in the country. This, combined with our multi-disciplinary care team of general physicians, psychological counsellors, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, nurses and attendants will ensure a world-class healing experience for seniors in our care.

Commenting on the launch, Ms. Tara Singh Vachani, Executive Chairperson, Antara Senior Care, said, “Antara, since its inception, has been a pioneer in the senior care space. As one of the first movers in the industry, Antara is committed to its mission of understanding and responding to the evolving needs and desires of seniors through a blend of lifestyle and lifecare offerings.

There is a growing need for dementia care in India with the number of dementia patients in India projected to almost double by 2050. We are glad to be a part of the solution through the launch of our first dedicated Memory Care Home in Gurugram that will provide holistic care to seniors dealing with dementia.”

Mr. Rajit Mehta, MD & CEO, Antara Senior Care, remarked, “Taking the vision of Antara a step further, the Memory Care Home is specially curated for seniors with ambulatory, neurological and ageing-related conditions. With dedicated care teams, specially screened for their roles, 24*7 availability of specialised doctors in case of an emergency, regular personalised therapies curated for each patient, we have been extra careful in our approach to this project. We have been mindful while designing the facility and its offerings. We are happy that we have been able to curate healing environment which allows the patients to live with dignity and respect.”

The Antara Memory Care Home launch follows Antara’s announcement to invest over Rs. 300 crores across Care Homes, Care at Home services, MedCare products and Residences for Seniors over the next five years creating a network of geriatric care in NCR region. This is the sixth facility in operation since the launch of the first care home in 2020 and Antara plans to set up 30-35 more care homes, memory care homes, with a bed capacity of approx. 2000 beds. The 36-bedded Memory Care Home in Gurugram will have a robust c support system of doctors, nurses, attendants, physiotherapists, and psychotherapists.

Some of the Antara’s infrastructural specifications to ensure safety include use of ramps instead of stairs, anti-skid flooring, grab bars, restricted access to staircases and terraces. In addition keeping in mind the cognitive condition of patients, use of vibrant colours facilitating identification of different spaces, memory board in each room and picture frames on each door with a photo of the patient to create a sense of belongingness, are part of the design.. For enhanced safety, all rooms will have glass windows protected with grills, use of acrylic mirrors and comfortable furniture.

Compassionate care givers will assist patients in carrying out their everyday tasks. Patient’s neuro cognitive health parameters will be monitored, and accordingly appropriate support, care and customised therapeutic interventions will be provided to patients. The Antara team has also been trained rigorously to deal with any exigencies. At Antara Memory Care Home, every aspect of the service reflects the guiding principles and values of the brand in particular its endeavour to build trust and exemplify Sevabhav.

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