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Anamyah Wellbeing hotels provide a tech-enabled wellness experience that you take home

In an exclusive interaction with BW Wellbeing World, Dr Arpit Sharma, Founder/CEO of Anamyah talks about how the platform empowers one to stay committed to goals, nurture relationships with guests through the app, and learn from experts in the field.

Anamyah is a wellbeing ecosystem that offers a unique wellbeing hybrid solution designed to transform the user’s journey towards optimal health and wellness. The platform empowers one to stay committed to goals, nurture relationships with guests through the app, and learn from experts in the field. The platform provides scientifically-backed, curated experiences that provide evidence-based quantifiable growth in physical and mental wellbeing. Stay con­nected with experts and bond with them at our properties as you immerse yourself in unique hotel settings across multiple locations in India. With Anamyah, you can level up on the app and receive real physical rewards at our sustainable hotels that actively promote net zero carbon trips. As you heal and rejuvenate, our platform ensures that you are also doing your part for the environment,” says Dr Sharma.

Key Features

Comprehensive App: Anamyah’s app fosters connections with fellow guests and experts, providing access to valuable resources, personalised recommendations, progress tracking, and reward systems that offer real-world incentives.

Expert Partnerships: The platform collaborates with leading wellness professionals, ensuring users receive the highest quality guidance and support. By connecting with experts both virtually and in person at partner properties, users benefit from a holistic approach to wellbeing.

Science-backed Experiences: Anamyah focuses on evidence-based experiences that are rooted in scientific research, enabling users to confidently engage in activities that contribute to their mental and physical wellness and promote a longer, healthier life.

Sustainable Hotels: All Anamyah properties are eco-conscious hotels that actively work towards net zero carbon emissions.The hotels will pro­vide luxurious settings for us­ers to heal and rejuvenate while remaining environmentally responsible.

Real-World Rewards: By lev­eling up on the app, users can access tangible rewards at affili­ated hotels, adding an gamification that encourages users to stay engaged and mo­tivated in their wellness journey.

Read on for excerpts of the interview with Dr Arpit Sharma

Q. Define your hybrid health and wellness programme in terms of physical and mental wellbeing.

A. I’ve been into wellbeing and wellness for almost 18 years, running wellness centres and spas in different places. And what I really saw was that people are so committed to themselves, saying that now I am going to change my life, eat well, drink well, and exercise. But as soon as people went back to their homes, they could not continue what they had committed to themselves. And that’s when I realised that 92 per cent of people are not able to achieve their goals. So the idea was, why not build a platform that is hybrid, which is physical and virtual, so that even when people leave the wellness centre, they can carry on doing what they experienced. So that’s why a hybrid platform was the need of the hour, and that’s what we have enabled.

Q. Tell us why you want the platform to include both physical and mental wellbeing and what you offer.

A. So it’s all about human behaviour: we get excited about something, but by three months, we lose the value of it. Even if we get the best things in life, or even if the worst things happen to us, that’s how our brain works. In three months, we get over that and we like to move on, and that’s what I saw in all these virtual labs, all these platforms online, that people really get excited about joining weight loss programmes, wellness programmes, or some other mental health programme, but in three, four months, it gets very hard for any platform to keep them active on a regular basis on the app. That’s when I thought, “Why not include a physical aspect of it?” where we can keep their emotions invigorated. Whenever they lose a little bit of interest, they can always go back to that physical unit, bond with the brand, their value, and the experience people are experiencing there, and then bring it back to their home and keep carrying on with the entire effort that they make for themselves. So it gives them a complete holistic learning to move forward and be consistent.

Q. What are the key differentiating factors of your app?

A. What I see these days is that lots of apps are coming in and saying that we will achieve this and that, but there is no science backed evidence for it. Thankfully, we live in an era where thousands of studies by scientists have been done before. The research papers are available, but no one is trying to go through them and bring in that research and really show people what the result is going to be. For example, the meditation shows that if you do it for six months, let’s say for 15 minutes a day, the actual grey matter in your brain increases by 11 per cent. This has been tested on 10,000 people over probably 11–12 years. So there are so many valuable reports and science-based evidences that are available but are not being used. So that’s what we do. In every course that we have, in every exercise that people plan to do through the app has a number behind it: what will actually happen to your body and mind, and how much percentage you go to improve yourself. That’s what we work with.

Q. Tell us about your asset-light hybrid model.

A. If you’re not asset light, we cannot be part of everybody’s lives. You cannot grow on big infrastructure models in a big way, and you cannot be present everywhere. Now, when we say that we are a physical and virtual platform, we can’t expect someone in Kerala to use our virtual platform and go to one of our upcoming hotels in Kasauli. So we have to have an asset-light model that we can have at least in every state and every city possible in different forms and variations, like wellness centres, spas, and hotels, so we need to be present in all these ways. That’s how people will be able to use the hybrid, holistic approach to it. Otherwise, it becomes impossible, and it’s not fair from our side to expect people to come from one corner to another.

I’d also like to add that our hotels and spas are also asset-light functions. We have a management model, and we have our own brand called Anamyah Wellbeing Hotels. And what we’re going to do is take assets that have been built, like five-star or four-star plus hotels, run them under our brand, manage them under our SOPs, and give the desired experience. We also want people to experience virtual experiences in physical form.

Q. Brief us on your marginal gains approach.

A. There are some books that really resonate with you, and you learn a lot from them. So this book I once read called Atomic Habits talks about the aggregation of marginal gains, and it was an eye-opener for me. What it says is that if you just improve 1 per cent every day, you improve yourself 37 times in a year. That was so effective, and that’s what I put into my life. I started reading, and I started physically growing, progressing in my exercise routines, and progressing with the sports I played. And I saw that in a year, I was some other person. So now I want to implement that for people. I want people to realise that 1 per cent can really change your life, and 1 per cent in a day is only 15 minutes a day. So this whole effect of the aggregation of marginal gains has a huge impact if you look at it in the months and years to come. So that’s exactly what I want to do through this platform.

Q. How are you getting more and more people to join in on this movement of change?

A. With the hotel that we’re coming up with, we really want people to naturally experience the holistic side of wellness and wellbeing. And then all these people, all the guests coming to the hotel, will adopt the app because the app will have that hyper-personalised solution to what they want to achieve in their lives. For example, you want to know about gut health or even weight loss, and now that you have come to a hotel, I know exactly what you really want to know: your doshas, your mental health, and your physical health. And now we’ll give you a hyper-personalised solution for it, even when you check out for weeks, months, and even years.

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