An Approach To Bring World Peace Through Ekam Peace Ambassadors

Ekam is also a movement in consciousness that is loved by millions across the world, because it has helped them shift from stress to peace, from division to oneness and from separation to connection

Ekam, is a world centre for enlightenment. It is more than a structure; it’s a field of consciousness where people from over 100 nations of the world come to experience Self Realization & God realization. It’s also a movement in consciousness that is loved by millions across the world, because it has helped them shift from stress to peace, from division to oneness and from separation to connection. It's a movement that is followed by intellectuals, seekers and people of all age groups, from all walks of life because it addresses their numerous challenges of life by connecting them to the power within their own consciousness.

Couples come to us to heal their hearts and discover love for each other. Young people come to discover their life's vision and have greater focus and strength to fulfil that vision. Seekers come to have an experience of God and experience inner freedom. Leaders come to us to discover how not to be burnt out and to lead their vision to success. Though we are rooted in India & we are rooted in Indian tradition, people from all cultures come here and learn the universality of enlightenment & liberation.

Our division for world peace which is made possible through Ekam World Peace Festival movement annually lead by sri preethaji and me with the support of thousands of volunteers around the world.

Our division for young people which is Oneness Changemakers - a charitable initiative lead by me in colleges and universities of India and the world.

The fourth is our social work division headed by our daughter Lokaa.

Tapas is a 28 day journey into enlightenment where the seekers are led by Sri Preethaji & me into enlightened states of great peace, great compassion, great delight and divine states of consciousness and union with the Divine.

The entire experience of tapas leads them into being grounded in the present instead of being lost in the past or the future. 

Bodhi is the three-day journey held in major cities of India that Sri Preethaji leads seekers to transcend the prison of the mind and experience witness consciousness. And from that witness consciousness to transform one's relationships with one's partner and family, one’s wealth creation, and ultimately find peace with oneself.

Our contribution to world peace is through Ekam World Peace Festival.

To us world peace is not social activism, it is awakening to peace within oneself. Your peace is world peace. Ekam World Peace Festival happens from September

4 to September 18, where 1000s of Ekam Peace Ambassadors will be taking Ekam World Peace Festival into various organisations, associations, clubs, colleges, schools & various institutions leading the participants into greater states of peace, compassion, through meditation on peace for the planet, peace for young people and peace for peace between nations. It is a massive meditation movement to impact human collective consciousness. That is our contribution to World Peace.

It builds a crescendo starting from September 4, where 1000s of people will be meditating for world peace and it culminates on September 18th this year.

The third is our division for Oneness Changemakers, for increasing mental and emotional wellness & creating transformed leaders for the future. Sri Krishnaji has created this massive movement for young people called oneness changemakers.

As part of the oneness changemakers, Sri Krishnaji and a massive volunteer force are working in educational institutions throughout India and the world teaching young people, the art of meditation, to combat stress, to combat loneliness, combat depression, or nurture self awareness and awareness of interconnection with the world. These Breakthru programs are saving the sanity and the lives of so many young people all over India.

Do you know how many young people are there in the world today? All those aged 25 years and younger constitute 42% of the world’s population.

And if you take count of the millennial generation who have crossed 30 years of age along with Generation z and Generation alpha, then together they constitute 54% of world population.

Bringing peace to the young people of the world is to bring peace to more than half of humanity. And it is in your hands that the solutions to the earth’s problems lie. It is true that your earlier generations have failed because of lack of knowledge, lack of Will and lack of heart.

This is the truth. But to save this earth and to save the future, you need to wake up to your true potential. That is why Sri Preethaji and I, are on a mission of creating young people into change makers.

A change maker is someone who can transform themselves and impact the trajectory of the world around them.

The alarming part of the narrative of young people is the prediction by WHO and other organizations that by 2025 depression will be the global pandemic, not monkey pox or COVID. Another statistic is how many millions are getting addicted to the social media, to video gaming, to virtual reality and disconnecting themselves from people and life, and world around them, and isolating themselves.

This is causing an epidemic of loneliness and other addictions in the world. This is a very important time to focus on mental and emotional health, because this is a time of accelerated change where relationships are getting redefined, marriage as an institution is breaking down. Family bonds are collapsing much faster than they were before. Artificial intelligence is taking over many spheres of work. So there's a wide spread confusion about what branch of learning actually holds a future for the young. The future is so very unpredictable unlike it was some 30 to 40 years ago and the change is only accelerating.

The only way young people can still navigate the changes in the future is if we can equip them with strong mental health. That is why this entire division of Oneness changemakers was created.

Our mission is ultimately world peace and to bring oneness in human consciousness. We know the solution for this does not lie in technology nor does it lie in politics or policies. These can help but ultimately there has to be a change in human consciousness itself because so long as human consciousness is going to be stuck in self-centricity and greed, there is no future for the earth. That is why our vision is to create 80,000 completely enlightened people across the globe, who will then be responsible for phase transition in the human collective consciousness. We want to enlighten 0.001% of the population. That is why we want to create 80,000 enlightened Buddhas, who will automatically then create a balance in human consciousness.

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