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MedLern teams up with Asha Hospital for innovative training solutions

MedLern, the only full-stack healthcare training solution for hospitals and healthcare professionals, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Asha Hospital, a prestigious healthcare institution with NABH, NABL and NABH Patient Safety accreditations and which is committed to delivering quality healthcare services in the Nagpur region. This partnership aims to streamline healthcare training, optimize operations, and enhance patient care outcomes by leveraging the power of digital solutions.

The integral factor in initiating this collaboration was MedLern's all-encompassing method for handling training requirements and providing dependable and current learning resources. This partnership aims to streamline training initiatives across various departments and employee profiles, harnessing both global and local expertise in content, trainers, and tools.

Mr. Deepak Sharma, CEO and Co-founder of MedLern, said – “We are proud to collaborate with a local pioneer like Asha Hospital, aiding in the training requirements of their healthcare workforce. Asha’s visionary founder has always brought technological innovation to the region and this initiative with MedLern is another first for the area . Our dedication is to enhance care outcomes by providing advanced skills to the staff. Through our comprehensive approach, supported by automated tools, we will support a seamless digital transformation of Asha’s talent landscape. This partnership harmonizes seamlessly with our commitment to delivering improved care and business value.”

The collaboration between MedLern and Asha Hospital will specifically address the hospital's commitment to delivering quality healthcare services. The partnership aims to enhance operations at Asha Hospital through services such as content management, competency assessment, employee engagement, and measuring the impact of training, all aligned with the latest compliance norms required by NABH. The collaboration will also explore standardizing content and amplifying the impact of training across various modes.

Dr. Rajendra, CMD, Asha Hospital, shared - “We are excited about this partnership and are confident that it will contribute to the advancement of healthcare training and education.” 

MedLern's support for Asha Hospital deriving a return on investment (ROI) from its human resources will include monitoring completion, coverage, compliance, and impact through systematic training implementation. This approach will ensure consistency, greater control, and significant cost savings in measuring and reporting the impact to leadership. MedLern is committed to assisting Asha Hospital in achieving success through strategic planning, continuous progress, implementing best practices, and developing long-term certification plans.


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