Add A Silver Lining To Your Food And Health

Older cultures like the greek, Egyptians, Chinese and roman have also used silver extensively in their culinary patterns.

When we talk about metals and alloys with regard to our nutritional intake, the prominent names that come to one’s mind are stainless steel, iron and aluminium (as most commonly used cookware & dining ware), copper, silver and gold. While the benefits of drinking copper-charged water have been widely acknowledged since ancient times, not much is known about the use of precious metals like silver and gold, mainly because their use is not as common as other metals. No wonder, the idiom “born with a silver spoon” signifies being surrounded with richness since birth.

Other older cultures like the greek, Egyptians, Chinese and roman have also used silver extensively in their culinary patterns.

In India, right from occasions like the birth of a baby, to wedding rituals, to offering bhog/Prasad to deities, to sweets covered with vark, silver is a part of our lives. Ever wondered why in some cultures, a child’s first meal is fed with a silver spoon, or why grandparents gift a set of silver utensils to their new-born grandchildren?

Yes, believe it or not, food or water served in silver is analeptic. Silver has an innate property in its chemical bonds that prevents bacterial build up. Pure silverware does not need to be sterilised. That is the reason, infants are fed in silver utensils, so that their delicate guts do not get infected easily.

Ayurvedic medicines have included silver calcined formulations(as silver bhasma or ash) as an active ingredient over the last many centuries. Silver has been known to alleviate respiratory conditions, diabetes, urinary ailments, neurological issues and muscular dystrophy.

One of the main reasons for the use of silver with food is it’s antimicrobial properties. Before the advent of antibiotics, silver was one of the best known antibiotic agents that was used to treat as many as 650 types of pathogens. Folklore prevailed that rich people who ate regularly from silverware had rarer instances of falling sick. The royal and affluent used to store food in silverware to combat viruses, bacteria and other microbes in food. In fact, it was common to immerse silver coins in milk to keep it fresh for a longer period. You must have seen silver jugs that were used for storing even water and wines during your visits to historical museums.

However, it is important to note that silver is not an essential mineral and is safer in comparison to other heavy metals like lead & mercury. It is called colloidal silver when available in liquid form. There isn’t enough scientific research back the benefits of taking colloidal silver orally. However, historically colloidal silver has been used for bandages for wound dressing, as it facilitates tissue healing and lowers inflammation. Now you know why ointments for burns contain silver.

The safest way to derive maximum benefits from silver is to use it the traditional way, as vark/ foil over sweets and desserts or eating from silverware and as charged water (by keeping water in silver utensil overnight, or by adding a silver coin to drinking water).

So, it may be a good idea to rejoice eating from silver ware during festivals and boost your health at the same time!! Happy Eating.

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