A Step Towards Understanding The Meaning Of Our Inner Self

Some people often misunderstand what spirituality truly is

Some people think we are human beings on a spiritual journey, not realizing that actually we are spiritual beings on a human journey. This book is an extremely rare piece of work in terms of perfection, comprehension and exploration. It encompasses 7 divine laws which can make us the best version of ourselves. A blend of ancient and contemporary thoughts and beliefs, this book covers all aspects of not only spirituality, but of the purpose of life.

These 7 laws can change anyone’s life, if they resonate with the tone and content of this masterpiece. The 7 divine laws the author feels are – 

1.The Law of Infinite Potential

2.The Law of Incremental Growth

3.The Law of Beliefs

4.The Law of Happiness

5.The Law of Sublimation

6.The Law of Love

7.The Law of Mentorship

Swami Mukundananda gives us deep insight on each of these laws in this book. We can easily understand what lies in each of them, which is very beneficial for our evolution. This book doesn’t have the agenda of preaching but actually, revealing the secrets (simple factors) of the Universe. It is penned down by a person who is a stellar individual and very inspiring.

The book explains these 7 laws in a very simple, yet, informative manner. Mentioning these laws in great detail and having a self-explanatory approach for the reader, keeping it simple and yet very brilliant – this book is one of a kind work in today’s day and age. 

The author takes the reader on a journey which makes the book unstoppable to read and it is so engaging and knowledgeable that the reader can’t have enough of it as it has an unputdownable effect. The book revolves around how these laws simplify life as the human mind tends to complicate things at times. These laws show us how we can lead a well-balanced life full of joy and simplicity. The humility of the author is such that he had written this with no agenda, but only to spread awareness.

The different sections and sub-sections provide deep insight into how life can be transformed if people learn how to connect with their inner self, even if not all the time, but most of the time. The 7 laws are given extreme importance as they are truly unique and at times have been neglected due to very low levels of mass awareness. 

Our inner self is the purest form of our ‘gross’ body in the subtle plane. Gross, because our soul which is very pure resides in this body and the body is not at all subtle as it has a lot of karma to exhaust from the subconscious mind as well as our emotional and spiritual selves. Diving deeply into our soul we can achieve the impossible. This brings out the best version of ourselves and we can start living a life full of joy and remain in eternal gratitude for what we have, instead of brooding about what we don’t have. 

Each of the laws has a deep meaning within it which can help us to grow holistically. The laws of mentorship and love are described beautifully. The laws of infinite potential and incremental growth teach us how to cross the hurdles of many instances in life by simply understanding them. Last but not the least – the laws of beliefs, happiness and sublimation broaden our sense of consciousness and frequency – at which all beings vibrate in the Universe at their own levels. 

With true knowledge from the Vedas, this book enlightens and educates us about – Creation. The Universe / Creation is actually a manifestation of ourselves in the sense that we attract what we feed. Everything is energy and is vibrating in the Universe. This is the effect which the frequency we are on, has on our inner selves.

7 Divine Laws To Awaken Your Best Self

By Swami Mukundananda

Pages – 180

Price – Rs. 299

Publisher – HarperCollins

About the Author

Swami Mukundananda is a world-renowned spiritual teacher and an authority on mind management. He divides his time between India and the US.


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