8 Tips Amid Rising Air Pollution On How To Take Care Of Your Babies

The toxic air threatens the health of those who breathe it, including children, adults, the elderly, and animals

Pollution has rendered the air in New Delhi and neighbouring regions unbreathable. Stubble burning occurs in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, and UP, causing enormous air pollution. In Delhi-NCR, one member of every four or five families suffers from adverse health consequences due to rising air pollution. Doctors are saying that the AQI values in the region remain dangerously high, and it's not a pretty picture.

The toxic air threatens the health of those who breathe it, including children, adults, the elderly, and animals. Exposure to air pollution has become fatal for babies and reduces lung function in childhood. The pediatric population is more adversely impacted than adults by the significant drop in air quality. The pediatric population has frequent exacerbations, mental health issues, allergies, asthma, nasal obstructions, and allergic rhinitis. Children between 0 and 16 years old frequently experience headaches, dry eyes, irritation, and dry skin.

Air pollution may be lethal for the most vulnerable people, including children, pregnant women, the elderly, and those with weakened immunity. The premium baby bath and skincare brand CITTA has spoken to a few doctors and tried to understand how to take care of babies in this situation and cope with the adverse effects of air pollution. During discussions with the team, doctors have warned that there are numerous direct effects of air pollution on children. Chronic exposure, particularly when they leave for school, is when the air is most contaminated and can lead to reduced organ growth and poor brain development. It’s time to take some extra care.

Here are some "Should Dos" that the team tried to get from paediatricians, especially for new parents and parents of young children:

• Limit outside activities, particularly in the early morning and late evening when pollution levels are more than usual.

• If your child has been exposed to the outdoors (as they don’t prefer staying indoors), bathe them with a mild baby wash and shampoo. Use a gentle baby wash and shampoo that has natural oils and other hydrating ingredients.

• Keeping your baby’s skin moisturised is key. Choose a moisturiser that is thicker than creams or lotions, like a baby balm, to ensure long-lasting moisturisation. Babies’ skin lose moisture at a much faster rate than adults, harsh winter winds with pollutants can cause dryness and also trigger irritation. Choose a balm that has natural, nourishing ingredients with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties so that it can prevent rashes and fight dryness as well.

• For 0 to 3-year-olds, an oil massage can help strengthen bones and improve immunity. Try using an oil that is a blend of multiple natural oils for deep nourishment. Each oil offers its unique benefits in such a blend. Massaging with nourishing oil moisturizes your baby’s skin and promotes growth.

• To avoid pollution, children must wear an N95 mask while stepping out.

• Keep them hydrated—a lot of water intake is a mandate.

• Add citrus fruits like lemon, orange, grapefruit, and pomegranate to their diet, which helps in boosting immunity and lung health.

• Avoid junk food.

According to the World Health Organisation, pregnant women who are exposed to polluted air are more likely to give birth prematurely and have babies that are smaller and have a lower birth weight. High levels of air pollution can put children at higher risk of developing chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease in later life.

Take care of yourself and your babies. Air pollution is a silent killer, and the high toxicity levels in the air in Delhi-NCR are endangering newborns. To keep your baby’s skin protected, try and choose the one that is safest and best for them. Make this world a safer place to stay.

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