7 Vital Parameters Which People In Any Business Should Know Before Consulting An Astrologer

To choose the kind of astrological method is the first step to look for a suitable astrologer

If you are considering to consult an astrologer, then you can never know this; that Oftentimes people opt for astrological counselling due to the influence of others; little do they know about the things they are actually looking for and if the astrologer they’re meeting is any reliable or not. Today when most of our actions are influenced either by targeted advertisements or by hearsay, it is of utmost importance to be cautious about the consequences, especially something as crucial as meeting with an astrologer. Here are 7 things that one should keep in mind, before one plans an appointment with any fortune teller:

Astrological Method:

To choose the kind of astrological method is the first step to look for a suitable astrologer. Different astrological methods have different significance. If you are looking to consult for your home related queries, then a vastu expert is the perfect choice. In case you are aware about your birth chart accuracy and other details then a horoscope reader can guide you; if you do not have accurate information about your date of birth and other details then a palmist can help you better. So first, you must decide if you are looking for palmistry, numerology, vastu or horoscope reading.

Educational background:

Do you ever blindly visit a doctor without a professional degree or relevant expertise? Then why visit an astrologer to get your life treated while the person has no professional validation for his knowledge. The education background of an astrologer is as important as that of any other professional. You cannot rely on someone with no knowledge of vedic Astrology to legitimize their prediction. In India there are various prominent universities like Gurukul Kangri, Haridwar and BHU, Varanasi those offer professional courses and qualification degrees in Astrology.


Spirituality and religiosity is as important as the education background of the person as it plays a great role in the ability to have intuitions to make predictions. An astrologer who has belief in the supreme power and meditates is a pure soul thus is able to give accurate predictions and solutions. A personal astrologer's ritualistic practices and intuition acquired by years of sadhna can never be attained by a machine or AI driven applications.


Yes, astrology is a service not a business, but it is inclined more towards being a social service rather than a commercial service. Being heavily dependent on the word of mouth, credibility of an astrologer is inseparable from astrology. However, in today’s age most people end up getting befooled by astrologers with artificial experiences. You must always make a background check and be aware of his clientele's experiences before trusting.

Privacy Aspect:

Just like your CA knows all about your money and your doctor knows all about your health, your astrologer is aware about every intimate aspect of your life - both personal and professional. Of Course you wouldn’t wish to share it with someone who cannot maintain and respect client privacy. Online astrology applications require you to fill in a lot of personal details that are misused for the sake of business. Be it online applications or the self-made astrologers behind the screen, it is the user who is conned with inaccurate information and personal data theft.

Accessibility & Availability:

An astrologer is someone whom you sometimes approach in emergencies and need an immediate connection. It is only in the difficult situations in life when you think of dialling in your astrologer. What if he never responses? Imagine being stuck in the eventualities of life and really needing astrological and personal guidance and your astrologer not being there for your help. Well, that’s like one of the worst situation. The accessibility and availability of your astrologer guide is a major factor in choosing one. This is one of the most dubious character in online astrology and it is very painful to not be able to connect with the astrologer who was consulted in the past.

Commercial aspect:

The practice of duping clients in the name of remedy is a general practice. There are two stream of astrology - predictive and remedial. The remedial astrology is where the fraud begins. Most astrologers manipulate vulnerable clients by threatening them about a bleak future that can only be remedied by shelling out money for certain remedial rituals. At times clients are lured by ‘free consultation’ or ‘zero consultation fee’ offers which end up in spending thousands and thousands for the precious gemstones, various yantras like shree Yantra, laxmi yantra, kuber yantra etc and expensive pooja ceremonies thereafter to undo the Pitra dosha, Kaal Sarp dosh, Manglik dosh and various other etc etc.

Most importantly, before consulting any astrologer one must understand that astrology cannot change fate, but can only forecast it. A supreme remedy to terminate the ill effects of your "karma" done in any incarnation is “Charity”. To help the deserving and right people & institutions is the key to receive material and spiritual blessings as per the vedic scripture. Charity and philanthropy are always good for everyone, so for you. 

The writer is a Delhi based Celebrity Astrologer and Palmist and can be reached at [email protected]

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