7 Mental Health Apps To Boost Your Happiness And Calm Your Mind

The pandemic has changed everything - from how we look and work to how we rest - but it has also led to a global rise in mental health issues

Although meditation apps cannot replace the service of a trained counselor or serve as a substitute for therapy, they can ease your life and aid your mental health and well-being. These apps are designed to benefit users' emotional well-being, teaching them to be more mindful and addressing the common problems related to mental health. Amongst a variety of meditation apps to choose from, below are the top 7 mental health apps you should try.

1) Buddhify

Buddhify is a mindfulness meditation app for your phone and tablet. It works on most Android and iOS devices. It is a meditation app that offers meditations for different activities like walking, commuting, eating, etc. One of the key features of Buddhify is its focus on integrating mindfulness into everyday life, rather than just during dedicated meditation sessions. There are guided meditations for stress, anxiety, and sleep, as well as a timer for self-directed practice, in the app. Buddhify also shares user insights to assist them in tracking their progress and staying motivated. Another distinguishing characteristic of Buddhify is their meditation wheel where a user can simply select their current activity, mood, and a relevant meditation would be recommended to them.

2) is another meditation and mindfulness app guiding people to live a happy and balanced life. The app has guided meditations, affirmations, and visualization exercises, as well as articles and videos on subjects such as mindfulness, gratitude, and stress reduction. also has a "Daily Quotes" feature where users can receive inspiring and motivating quotes every day to help them stay focused and optimistic. The app also has a "Happiness Meter" that allows users to rate their mood and track their development over time. Overall, is designed to be a comprehensive resource for personal growth and development, helping users cultivate a more positive and fulfilling life.

3) Idanim

Idanim is a one-of-a-kind meditation and mental wellness app to practice mindfulness for productivity and growth, conceived and created for working professionals. The app has on-boarded global experts who have helped working professionals manage stress, anxiety, insomnia, relationships at the workplace, and emotions like anger, fear, etc. The app offers over 500 guided meditations across 40+ categories. That is aided by an AI enabled “Recommend Me’ feature which helps the user navigate through these meditations by recommending them relevant meditations based on their current mood. Idanim also offers daily LIVE meditations sessions for its free & paid users where they add a human touch to meditations by facilitating interactive sessions with their teachers. Users can also talk to the teachers via the app to get answers to their queries. Idanim is free to use for both iOS & Android users.

4) Ten Percent Happier

Ten percent Happier is another popular meditation app that offers a variety of features to help users with their meditation practice. The app provides guided meditations and courses, as well as a library of video and audio content on meditation and mindfulness. One of the unique features of Ten Percent Happier is their meditation summary in the form of video interviews. Every meditation is partnered with a video that explains what the meditation is about. This can be a great way to stay motivated and build a sense of community around your practice. Ten percent Happier also shares user insights to help them monitor their progress and stay committed to their meditation practice.

5) Headspace

Headspace is a popular meditation app that offers a variety of features to help users with their meditation practice. One of the key features of Headspace is its wide range of guided meditations for different levels and themes, including sessions on stress, sleep, and relationships. The app also includes courses on mindfulness and meditation, which can help users deepen their practice and develop a greater understanding of the benefits of meditation. In addition, Headspace provides animations and videos to explain meditation concepts and techniques, making it easier for beginners to get started. The app also has a tracking system to keep track of your progress and encourage consistency, and it even offers meditation exercises for kids and tailored content for businesses.

6) Simple Habit

Simple Habit is a meditation app that offers a variety of guided meditations and mindfulness exercises for different needs and levels. The app features a library of over 2,000 guided meditations, including sessions on stress, sleep, anxiety, and more. Simple Habit also includes a personalized recommendation system that suggests meditations based on your goals and preferences. One of the unique features of Simple Habit is its focus on bite-sized meditations, with most sessions lasting just five minutes. This can be helpful for users who are short on time but still want to prioritize their mental health and wellbeing. The app also includes a tracking system to help users monitor their progress and stay motivated, as well as a feature called "Daily Mindful Moment" where users can receive a mindfulness prompt each day to help them stay present and focused. Additionally, Simple Habit offers a range of content from various meditation teachers, giving users the opportunity to explore different styles and approaches to meditation.

7) Nispand

Nispand is a meditation app that is designed to help users achieve greater calm and relaxation through mindfulness and breath awareness. The app features a variety of guided meditations, with sessions ranging from five to 30 minutes in length. Nispand also offers a personalized meditation experience, with users able to choose from a range of meditation styles and themes, including stress relief, anxiety reduction, and improved sleep. One of the unique features of Nispand is its use of natural sounds and music to enhance the meditation experience and create a more immersive atmosphere. The app also includes a progress tracker to help users monitor their practice and stay motivated. Additionally, Nispand offers a feature called "Daily Reminder," where users can receive notifications to encourage them to practice mindfulness throughout the day. Overall, Nispand is designed to be a comprehensive tool for those seeking to develop a more mindful and balanced approach to their daily lives.

Irrespective of which app you choose as your meditation partner, it is highly advisable to make meditation a part of your daily routine for a happier and healthier life. Meditation is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in today’s fast-moving stressful world.

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