5 Ways To Foster A Well-Being Culture For Mental Peace

A well-being culture promotes both employee engagement and employee wellbeing

Engagement affects productivity, retention, and customer satisfaction, while wellbeing affects absenteeism, turnover, and productivity. An organization cannot focus on wellbeing alone at the cost of employee engagement and both have to be effectively addressed at the same time. Organizations need to address both engagement and wellbeing to create a healthy and productive work environment and bring about a sense of mental peace within their employees.

Here are some ways organizations can help promote employee engagement and wellbeing:

Expectation management - Companies often paint a rosy picture of corporate life during recruitment, which can lead to culture shock, stress, anxiety and disappointment for new employees which continue to build over time. To avoid this, companies should set clear expectations about the job, the work environment, and the company culture from the start. This includes providing a realistic job description, explaining the company's values, and setting clear performance expectations. By doing so, new employees will understand what is expected of them and feel more confident in their roles.

Have a Mental Health Policy - Companies should have a mental health policy that outlines the company's commitment to mental health and the resources that are available to employees. The policy should also make sure that all existing policies - like performance management, individual feedback, 360 degree feedbacks, shift working, project staffing, rewards and recognitions, are effective while also aligned to building a holistic wellbeing and engagement culture.

Destigmatize Mental health : Companies can promote awareness through training, workshops, and other initiatives – like support groups where employees can discuss issues that affect them personally. This will help to destigmatize mental health and create an environment where people feel comfortable talking about their mental health concerns. It is also important to train line managers and leaders to recognize signs of mental health issues and how to address them.

Create a culture of Open Communication: Open communication is essential for employee engagement and wellbeing. When employees feel comfortable talking to their managers and colleagues about their work, personal lives, and mental health, without retribution they are more likely to be engaged and healthy. Open communication is different from an open-door policy. Open communication is about the flow of information and feedback to leaders, while an open-door policy is about accessibility to leaders. Both policies need to be balanced with clear boundaries to ensure that they are not misused by employees to get special treatment.

Walk the Talk: Organizations say that employee well-being is a top priority, but their actions don't match their words. This is because they focus on workplace well-being, while employee well-being is a complex equation that includes personal life, the organization, and society at large. While it might be natural for employers to think that an employee's personal problem needs to be checked at the door, the reality is that 78% of employee wellbeing issues are really due to spill overs from their personal life. Organizations need to understand this and bake employee well-being into their support initiatives, policies, promote awareness, and sensitize everyone across the board. They also need to have a plan to address employee well-being issues, not just a strategy.

Employee well-being is essential for engagement and productivity. Empathy, support, effective resources, support groups, and counselling partners can provide employees with the tools they need to address their daily issues and create a sense of mental peace.


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