5 Techniques To De-stress Yourself

Health has various facets, including physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing

Negative emotions like stress, worry, wrath, and envy are just a few of the many reasons why we make mistakes in life. Although these feelings are normal, if we don't learn to be aware of them, they could become destructive. Health has various facets, including physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing. It's crucial to keep a balance between each of these factors. These are five techniques to help you become conscious of your thoughts. You may maintain alignment and optimism by striking this delicate balance.

Physical fitness- Asanas

Everyone should pay attention to their physical health, which includes exercising through asanas like Surya Namaskar, Chandra Namaskar, and others. Sweating out your frustrations or other bad emotions while exercise is a great way to release them. Exercise causes the body to release endorphins, which quickly improve your mood and make you feel happy.

Taking care of your Mental health

Each day, set aside a little period of time in the morning, evening, or both to organise your day. At night, reflect on the day's events and activities for a self-check. It will ensure that you take an active role in making it happen if you develop this sense of clarity about how you want your day to be. You will be able to maintain your composure and be ready for whatever the day has in store if you practise self-care. By incorporating a planning process into your daily routine, you can reduce stress and worry.

The power of Nature

It's crucial to maintain a connection with nature if you want to live a life free of stress. Our thoughts and attitude are greatly influenced by nature. In addition to encouraging the attitude of appreciation, nature helps put many things into perspective. Every day, set aside some time to take a stroll somewhere in a garden or park. Take a deep breath and enjoy the lovely blossoms.

Meditation benefits- Bheej Dhyan/Aarambh Dhyan

The seeds of our thoughts and deeds for our lives are sown in the mind, which is very much like a fruitful field. A plant needs its fair share of sunlight, fertiliser, and water to flourish beautifully. Much like a plant, how we take care of our minds and energies will show in how we develop. The meditation method known as Bheej Dhyan teaches us to halt throughout life. Using this technique, we can plant the seeds that will greatly enhance our lives. The mind determines whether we wish to develop a new habit, alter our reaction, or change our behaviour.

Master your Breath

Bhastrika Pranayama


• Sit comfortably in any position (such as Sukhasan, Ardhapadmasan, or Padmasana);

• straighten your back;

• shut your eyes

• place your palms on your knees in the Prapthi Mudra

• breathe in deeply; and

• exhale fully. 

1:1 ratio should be used for inhalation and exhalation. For instance, if you inhale for six counts, you also need to exhale for six counts.

You can start by using this breathing technique five minutes a day, and over time, you can extend it. You can manage your mind and emotions when you have control over your breathing. You can look after your emotional well-being and mental health with these straightforward yet powerful yoga techniques. You may change yourself from the inside out via yoga, and experience personal growth.

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