30 Under 30 Awards Recognized Young Turks In Wellbeing

New Delhi, 11th April 2023: The field of wellbeing has evolved to include mental, emotional and spiritual wellness, in addition to physical fitness

In recognition of this, BW Wellbeing World had launched the BW Wellbeing 30 Under 30 Awards 2023. This was an exclusive initiative under the theme of "Holistic Approach towards a Better Life." The event recognized young leaders and organizations under the age of 30 who demonstrate a commitment to physical, mental, spiritual and employee wellbeing.

The BW Wellbeing 30 Under 30 Awards 2023 aimed to inspire and encourage organizations to invest in the well-being sector and to adopt innovative and effective wellness programs and initiatives. It provided a platform for sharing experiences, successes, and challenges in promoting wellbeing and learning from each other. This helped to recognize people and organizations who are making a significant difference in the lives of individuals in the country.

The selection process for the winners involved reaching out to over 700 wellbeing coaches and leaders under the age of 30 and receiving over 120 nominations through related forms and presentations. This number was later narrowed down to 42 nominations, which were shortlisted by the BW Editorial Board. The esteemed jury panel then played a vital role in the selection process. Each of the 42 individuals presented their achievements and contributions virtually in front of the jury, with the evaluators ensuring the selection of the winners who deserved to win the awards.

The panel comprised distinguished jury members, including Dr. Mickey Mehta, Global Leading Holistic Health Guru/Corporate Life Coach; Ajay Sharma, Baidyanath; Dr. Annurag Batra, BW Businessworld & exchange4media; Sangeeta Maheshwari, Life A Spiritual Gym; Natasha Pratap, Wellness for All Organisations (WAO); Pracchi Mehta Shah, Feng Shui Consultant; Acharya Praveen Chauhan, Author; Prof. (Dr.) Nitin Arora, Amity University Uttar Pradesh Noida; Shayamal Vallabhjee, Shayamal Vallabhjee Performance Coaching; Vijay Singhal, Presently writing for The Pioneer; Suzy Singh, Mental Health Coach; Tanushree Choudhury Singh, Healer; Nikhil Arora, International GoDaddy and Harbinder Narula, BW Wellbeingworld & BW Healthcareworld.

The BW Wellbeing 30 Under 30 Awards 2023 aims to recognize young leaders who are contributing to the modernization and advancement of the wellbeing industry. It provides a platform for celebrating their achievements and inspiring others to adopt innovative and effective wellness programs and initiatives.

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