10,000 To Create World Peace Assembling In Hyderabad

The Global Union of Scientists for Peace (GUSP) announced a massive and highly innovative demonstration of the means to end war

Today at Delhi’s Taj Mahal hotel, international representatives of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace (GUSP) announced a massive and highly innovative demonstration of the means to end war and create peace.

Starting on 29 December and running for two weeks, 10,000 advanced experts in the Transcendental Meditation (TM) and TM-Sidhi programs from 119 countries are gathering at Kanha Shanti Vanam outside Hyderabad to demonstrate what the scientists called “the proven consciousness-based approach to creating world peace.”

Principal speaker at the conference Dr. Tony Nader, a Harvard and MIT-trained medical doctor and neuroscientist, chairman of GUSP, successor to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and leader of the Transcendental Meditation organizations worldwide, made a startling claim: “We now have a scientifically proven technology to create immediate world peace.”

Dr. Nader further said, “Never before have so many experts in these consciousness technologies gathered in one place, and from so many countries. With war raging in many places and diplomacy failing everywhere, the world desperately needs a new approach. More than 54 empirical studies published in leading peer-reviewed scholarly journals and professional scientific conference proceedings have proved that the technologies of consciousness to be demonstrated in Hyderabad really work. Even just a few people assembled in one place — as few as 10,000 for the entire world’s population of 8.1 billion — are enough to create peace globally. If we can establish such a group permanently, world peace will be achieved, and it will be perpetual.”

When asked why this demonstration is being held in India, Dr. Nader replied, “It’s well known that meditation began in India in ancient Vedic times. Meditation used to be just for monks and mystics. But now, thanks to the tireless work of India’s Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, it is for everyone. Starting in the late 1950s, Maharishi brought Transcendental Meditation to every country in the world.”

“Recently there has been a huge increase of interest in meditation,” Dr. Nader said. “In the last three years alone, time spent meditating has increased 2900 per cent. At least 250 million people — 3 per cent of the world’s population — now meditate. Many of the world’s largest corporations report that meditation is an essential part of their management and employee-wellness strategy.”

“This is one of India’s and Maharishi’s invaluable gifts to the world,” Dr. Nader said. “And it’s science that is driving this exponential growth.”

Dr. Fred Travis, director of the Brain Center at Maharishi International University USA and a world expert in how the brain functions during meditation, demonstrated to the press conference audience what happens when a person practices TM. Using an EEG machine hooked to a seated meditator, Dr. Travis described the brain wave patterns seen on two giant screens in the Taj conference room.

Dr. Travis said, “What you’re seeing is brain activity during a fourth major state of human consciousness, completely different from waking, dreaming, and sleeping. In the ancient Yogic texts this is called samadhi. You see a quick onset of activity in the alpha frequency band, about 8-10 cycles per second, indicating a state of deeply restful alertness — deeper than sleep and more alert than waking. And you can see how the brain waves from all the different parts of the brain have lined up, becoming much more coherent and orderly, and how they’ve increased in power. This is the signature of samadhi, and TM is the only meditation that produces this immediately from the first sitting. It’s from this brain coherence that all the many benefits of TM come.”

The scientists reported that more than 750 scientific studies in more than 100 countries over the last 50 years have proved the benefits of Transcendental Meditation for every area of individual and social life. Benefits include significant reductions in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, and cardiovascular risk factors, and marked improvements in performance, creativity, heart health, longevity, and self-actualization.

But How Can TM Produce World Peace? The Field Effect of Consciousness.

But how can this personal practice create world peace? The key, the scientists said, is to bring together in one place enough experts in these advanced technologies of consciousness.

In a video streamed to the press conference from the US, Dr. John Hagelin, a world-renowned quantum physicist and particle astrophysicist, said, “When people practice TM and its advanced technologies of consciousness together in a group, they effectively defuse acute stress and resulting crime and conflict in the surrounding society.”

Dr. Hagelin called this “the field effect of consciousness.” Dr. Hagelin said, “Contemporary physics is very close to describing a unified field at the basis of all the forces, matter, and energy in the universe. Many think this physical unified field is identical with the field of consciousness. The technologies of consciousness being demonstrated in Hyderabad will create a field effect of coherence throughout world consciousness, parallel to what you’ve seen today in the brain of an individual meditator. We can call this ‘the brain-based approach to world peace.’”

Dr. Hagelin described what happened during a similar demonstration project he organized in the summer of 1993, when 4,000 TM consciousness experts gathered in Washington DC, which media at that time were calling “the crime capital of America.”

“We predicted in advance a 20 per cent drop in crime,” he said. “And during the demonstration crime dropped 23.3 per cent. This result was confirmed by an independent review board of leading scientists from throughout the US and officials of the Washington DC police. The experiment controlled for every other factor that could have accounted for the sudden improvement. Washington was transformed, and the functioning of the US government was liberated from acute partisan gridlock to one of the most cooperative and constructive periods in US political history.”

A group of about 30 TM meditators from 10 different countries were on hand at the Delhi press conference. For a few minutes, they closed their eyes and meditated, spreading a noticeably calming influence throughout the room full of busy journalists.

Deepak Baskota, former Home Minister of Nepal, was among the meditators. Mr. Baskota said, “I have practiced TM for 27 years, so I know first-hand how beneficial it is. I will be one of the 10,000 in Hyderabad. I am convinced that we finally have a technology to achieve global peace.”

What Would Be the Greatest Contribution to Life on Earth?

Establishing a Permanent Group of 10,000. Dr. Nader concluded the Delhi press conference with these words: “I urge every leader everywhere to watch what happens in Hyderabad, look at the well-documented research, and then do something extraordinary: Help establish permanently, anywhere in the world, a group of 10,000 experts in these technologies of consciousness. This would be the greatest contribution to life on Earth ever made, and you would be remembered as the greatest benefactor of mankind.”

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