"The More We Serve, The More We Master Ourselves" - Master Del Pe

In an exclusive conversation with Master Del Pe and Rega Stellar Pe. Together, they have set up the MDP Ashram in the Philippines

1. You are a life mentor, healer, author and founder of MDP Ashram and three different institutes. How have these experiences benefited a lot of people? What are your thoughts of people developing big egos and arrogance?

1a. As a life mentor, I help people move from success into balance and from balance to self-fulfilment. As a healer, I help extend their lifespan by healing serious diseases and ailments, leading to increased performance in daily work and family life, and help unblock their spiritual growth. As an author, I impart ideas and knowledge to readers and spiritual seekers, focusing on a systematized approach to self-care, self-development and self-mastery. As a founder of the MDP Ashram, I train more advanced souls to become saints or masters one day and duplicate them as service to the world and humanity. Having founded three institutes, the World Institute for Incurable Diseases, the BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness, and the Wisdom Institute for Leadership and Global Advancement, I promote spiritual seekers into trainers, specialists, and healers, benefiting many people by promoting healing, longevity, enlightenment, and also install hearts in entrepreneurs and wisdom in leadership.

1.b. People with big egos and arrogance often lack self-control and spiritual awakening due to their youth and immature nature. However, those with advanced egos often have more power, intelligence, and wealth, leading to bigger achievements and influence in society. As they evolve, they may find a path to humility and sincerity in serving humanity and the world. Developing the heart, mind, and soul can help people serve and evolve their soul's purpose. A strong self-confidence can lead to arrogance, which is a temporary state of being better in various aspects of life. However, with the help of a mentor or life coach, a person can learn to tame their ego and find humility and sincerity and also their soul’s purpose.

2. What are your thoughts mainly on spiritual empowerment across the globe today?

Spiritual empowerment is a generic word that can deal with people who do meditation, yoga, and martial arts, or people who experienced suffering but have awakened to their maturity and wisdom. This combination of karma yoga, karma through action, and sufferings, can lead to awakening, which is essential in today's divided and materialistic world. Spirituality is about personal experiences and awakening, focusing on one's soul, divine nature, understanding life's nature and the awakening to one’s higher purpose. I myself am a product of spiritual empowerment and lucky enough to find spiritual mentors who gave me a path or direction to master myself. Today, there's a massive spiritual awakening and spiritual empowerment as a result of experiences of suffering, and the pandemic, wars, the conflict, diseases, the hunger, the poverty and all kinds of karmic retribution in human life are all but teachers. They are the real guru sometimes of humanity.

3. What are the main causes you both support and what is the road map for the future?

Our main mission is to help spiritual seekers to become world servers, and from world servers to become saints and masters. This includes self-care, self-development, willpower and awakening the power of the soul for people to realize and execute their highest nature. The roadmap for the future is to find leaders with the capacity to lead and teach others how to duplicate their skills. The future curriculum will include a curriculum for enlightenment, success, balance, fulfilment, and teaching people how to duplicate their skill sets in various fields, including healing scientists, healing specialists, esoteric psychology, esoteric science, divine alchemy, self-mastery in the Third Eye and spiritual technology, and life sciences. This is what we need today, the practical side of spirituality, the practical side of attitude and aptitude development, and most of all self-mastery.

4. Please tell us about your work in detail and how many people are working for all these good causes you both have indulged in?

The MDP Ashram is an inner and higher institution assembled by greater beings, spiritual mentors and masters who vow to help humanity and the world evolve. The institutes include BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness which teach advanced courses in healing sciences, esoteric psychology, esoteric science, divine alchemy, Third Eye Initiation, spiritual technology, life sciences, family transformation, youth and children's transformation, including quality parenting for modern families and advanced children and souls. The World Institute for Incurable Diseases has 58 specialties, including mental and emotional and psycho-spiritual diseases. We provide crisis rescue, therapy, and management services. The organization also provides self-development workshops, focusing on improving character, values and intelligences - psychic, mental, emotional, instinctive, and spiritual. In addition, Third Eye Initiation aims to bring people towards self-mastery. Overall, the MDP Ashram serves humanity and the world by ushering humanity towards the next level of development and a positive change in the world.

5. When did you write your first book and what was the message you wanted to portray mainly through the realms of spirituality?

I wrote my first book, Inner Powers, in 2001 and it is one of the most important start up for spiritual individuals seeking real training about all the inner powers we can have to become masters one day, including clairvoyance, telepathy, clairaudience, clairsentience, OBE, channelling, and more. The book provides a comprehensive understanding of latent powers and helps rectify misconceptions about children's psychic abilities. It offers a step-by-step formula for developing psychic powers safely, ensuring that individuals do not become victims of their own psychic powers, and using practical innovation and our inner powers when developed and honed to serve others. By developing clairvoyance, individuals can heal people, scan their problems, and direct them to a better state of consciousness. The book also discusses the sources of powers, how powers can be corrupted, and precautions to avoid their abuse. Inner Powers is a valuable resource for spiritual growth and understanding.

6. What do you think of mankind's awareness and consciousness at this point of time? Do you think that the energy around the globe is healthy today or not? If not, why and what should be done to make it healthy?

Mankind's awareness today is a lot better than before, because there's an awakening through the sufferings brought by the pandemic. It's also a point in time where we have to understand our purpose and what can we do next. People sometimes realize things and then forget again. So there's always learning the hard way than the easy way in humanity. The global energy is uncertain, causing stress, depression and anxiety due to the looming world war and faltering global economy. However, these challenges are necessary for human development and consciousness. To navigate these, individuals can learn techniques such as alignment and healing meditations, and martial arts for willpower. However, having a mentor has no value replacement because a mentor has already overcome these challenges, is wiser, has more tools, intuition and wisdom to see ahead. Mentors are the best guides and beacon of the new light for humanity to evolve.

7. In the current scenario, in the sense that today when there are wars going on and people are dying, are you all also helping the innocent people who are injured or those who have lost their families through any medium?

Our workshop, Life After Death, focuses on understanding the nature of dying and its stages, and helping survivors heal their sadness, guilt, grief, bereavement, remorse and anger. It also helps those who have died by processing their soul to go into a higher uplifted state and those who have survived to cope with bereavement. We do a lot of spiritual blessings to victims of war, calamities, earthquakes, floods, and natural disasters as service. Mentoring and coaching are also provided to those who are accessible to us. Allowing natural disasters, the wrath of God, to work is like a yoga of the heart and bhakti yoga of humanity because when there's a lot of calamities, people victimized by nature or by a group or by wars, it can lead to massive development since the heart grows when you see a lot of sufferings, and they contribute and also become better people.

8. Please tell us about all the good work you all have done and sacrifices you have made to execute your intelligence and potential to serving mankind?

I have mentioned a lot of the answers earlier through our MDP Ashram, which I have founded with three international institutes and with our certified trainers and specialists internationally. The good work we have done is really focused on serving humanity and the world in the sense of transitioning from the old system of life, called Piscean, to the new acquired life, which is the new trend of uplifting consciousness through an intelligent use of the heart, loving use of the mind, conscience to drive decisions and win-win outcomes, clarity of the mind, awakened intuition, wisdom, and psychic powers to bring higher truth from heavenly sources. Also, many of our works are very esoteric. We don't have to be very physical about it. We use esoteric techniques to serve humanity, like increasing the frequencies of the auric field of humanity and increasing frequencies in the auric field, earth, and kingdoms.

9. What comes to your mind when people say you are powerful healers? Which healing techniques do you all use?

We use my modality which I founded and designed, BE Well Science, B.E., Balanced Energy Science. It's like a double word which is like, Be Well, but essentially it's Balanced Energy and Well. The World Institute for Incurable Diseases houses advanced healers who can treat non-medical responders, who are difficult for medical science to diagnose or cure. We have a lot of miraculous healers and also powerful healers, but powerful healers is a very generic word. I would say empowered and miraculous healing is also a different thing. When you say powerful, it's just energetic volume and force. However, when you say intelligent healing, you know exactly what to do. We do a lot of energetic diagnostic sampling of the chakras and aura and the conditions of the hormones. By balancing the imbalances, we can make the person heal faster. If it is super-fast, then it's called miraculous healing.

10. The last question is, what do you feel is the biggest change the world needs today in terms of thought processes and mindfulness?

The word mindfulness has to be redefined because it is jargonized as just being in the moment now. You can be mindful of your work today, but you have to also plan the future and heal the past. The biggest change is to accept that there's a wrath of God coming and there's positive change through destruction first. So the change of the world is brought by positive destruction so that we can create new things and then preserve the best parts of it. There's a destruction, creation, preservation cycle of the world, of humanity and even yourselves. By understanding these aspects, humanity can develop a better understanding of their character and address imbalances in power, love, and light. The more we serve, the more we master ourselves. So I wish that all of you benefit from these answers and that this interview will lead you to your next steps.

About Master Del Pe -

Modern Sage, Miraculous Healer and Spiritual Mentor, Author of 12 books and the Founder of 3 organizations - BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC), Wisdom Institute for Leadership and Global Advancement (WILGA) and the World Institute for Incurable Diseases (WIID) 

About Rega Stellar Pe -

A world-class Third Eye Seer and Intuitive Forecaster, Senior Healer and Spiritual Teacher. She is a director of Master Del Pe's Institutes and a co-author of 'Sexual Alchemy and Divine Intimacy'.

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