"Karma Impacts Relationships Through A Cycle Of Expressions And Experiences" – Roshani Shenazz

In conversation with Roshani Shenazz – Spiritual Soul Doctor, Happiness/Wellbeing/D&I Coach, REIKI Master, Intl. Awarded Author & Speaker

1. Is there a difference between relationships and spiritual relationships, or are all relationships basically spiritual relationships?

In their inherent essence all relationships are karmic and thus spiritual in nature. But for the ease of segregating them from daily living relationships to the ones with deeper connect, relationships can be viewed from both conventional and spiritual perceptions. In a conventional sense, relationships refer to the connections we have with others in our daily lives, such as family, friends, colleagues, and romantic partners. These relationships are essential for our emotional and social well-being. But the core of these relationships remains karmic as we have chosen all of these soul contracts to go through our ordained lessons in a given birth/incarnation. Thereby these very conventional relationships when seen from a spiritual perspective, are opportunities for growth and self-discovery through our tangible world. They are a means over which we can learn important life lessons and evolve spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. In this sense, every relationship, whether positive or challenging, has a spiritual dimension and an underlying truth that we may not completely know about. At some point in life people may specifically seek out "spiritual relationships" in the sense that they are looking for more profound connections with others who share their spiritual beliefs, values, and practices.

2. What role does Karma play in relationships?

Karma impacts relationships through a cycle of expressions and experiences that each person goes through as per their Sanskaras. Karma impacts all our relationships in different ways and therefore spirituality reiterates the concept of forgiveness for your own soul first and then of the seeming perpetrators. The reason are the unknown stories we all carry with our soul contracts and what we have ordained to nullify or close chapters. Therefore, there would be various ways on how Karma can play out in our relationships – some happier and lighter, some turbulent and chaotic. But all for sure are for the highest growth, closures and unburdening of our karmic baggage. Now whether we learn those lessons or close those chapters depends on our freewill which then decides the next course of our lives – this and future ones.

3. Is it true that a group of souls who have karmic debt with each other come together in each life?

Yes, Karma influences the dynamics of all relationships by bringing together individuals with karmic connections, presenting opportunities for growth and learning, and emphasizing the importance of our actions and choices in how we relate to others. The concept that a group of souls with karmic debts come together in each life is known to be a belief held in some spiritual and reincarnation-based philosophies but it is an intrinsic reality of our existence and not just a mere belief. Individuals who have shared involvements through the ‘expressions and experiences cycle’, may have unresolved karmic issues from previous lives that they may continue in subsequent lifetimes to address and resolve those debts. This spiritual truth is grounded in the belief that our souls are on a journey of growth and evolution, and part of that journey involves working through past Karma that represents itself through the interdependency of our relationships.

4. What is the way to understand relationships spiritually - whether - personal, professional or even as simple as having a girlfriend/boyfriend?

Understanding relationships from a spiritual perspective rather than keeping them transactional can add depth and meaning to all types of relationships, whether personal, professional, or romantic. There are many ways to approach relationships in a more spiritual way. Normal life has become very calculative sadly for most people across the world. ‘What is in it for me?’ and taking people for granted, supersedes all empathy, compassion, kindness and such important natural gifts of humanity. If we learn to control our false desires and stop fanning our greed or arrogance, we shall be able to cultivate greater relationships and harmonize our Karma.

5. According to you, what should be made aware to the people in a relationship, any relationship?

Firstly, people should be made aware of spiritual truths of life through various awareness programs. Today even spirituality has become a fad in this huge spiritual supermarket. We value things and use people as famously said. We need to understand that every intention, thought, word, and deed exerts energy, and Sanskaras, and therefore establishes itself as Karma. We need to live a conscious life by practicing forgiveness, empathy, understanding, gratitude, clear honest communication and kindness in all our interactions and relationships.

6. There are so many kinds of personal relationships such as - parents, friends, partner, children, etc. - How does one handle each of these with absolute balance using a spiritual approach?

Balance in all of life is the key to good conscious living. Whether it is relationships with parents, friends, a partner, or children, we need to apply balance along with the ingredients I shared above to live these relationships from a spiritual standpoint. It involves being aware of the needs of others including ours, but not harming either for the other. Not to forget, that the turbulent soul mate relationships which are more focused on challenging situations need to be handled in different combinations of practical approach, but the spiritual innate spirit of forgiveness and closures with love for the soul who has come to create these challenges, should always be there. If there is any imbalance even in the spiritual crux of giving and receiving, there will always be turbulence in relationships.

7. Lastly, please give us your opinion on relationships which are very deeply spiritual in nature

In my sharing rather than an opinion, I would say, every relationship has a spiritual reason, season, and connection. And the most important relationships are the one with ourselves, God and Guru. As my Master and God Meher Baba says; “The relation between Master and disciple is an inevitable outcome of intrinsic conditions in the life of the aspirant. It is primarily a relation between the lover and his Divine Beloved. From the spiritual point of view it is the most important relationship into which a person can enter.”

The few things that should be maintained in achieving balance and harmony in our relationships and therefore our Karmic journey would be; respect, honouring of emotions and feelings of the people involved, setting boundaries, not giving away our inner power for people to affect us, forgiving and forgetting, empathy, creating a safe sacred space of communication, supportive approach, being non-judgemental, leading by example, spending quality time, valuing your individual growth and identity even while being there for everyone, spending quality time whenever we can, being mindful of our needs-not greed, self-care as charity begins at home, and reaching out or seeking guidance when needed, so that you do not allow the very reason of any karmic contract to go waste.

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