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The 2019 Meditation Makeover

"Let's go inner peace... I haven't got all day!" Hey, do you want to meditate? The standard excuses that I hear when asked this question are; 'I'm sorry, I can't focus.', 'Uh, I am not a Hindu!', 'I don't have the time!!', 'Isn't meditation a spiritual experience? It's not my thing.', 'Hey, it's

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Conquering 3 A's, Building A Yoga Realm

"Blinded by his arrogance, he failed to see the truth." Oshiego

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Solo Journey Inwards

‘That feeling from within’ comes knocking and nudging every now and then. It’s core is unquantifiable but is characteristically trustworthy. There are times it stirs up our subdued thoughts and a few times it subtly guides us to where we truly belong. But amidst our everyday distractions and life’s

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Yoga and Technology: Outlandish Union or A Seamless Blend

If you are an Avengers fan, you know that Tony Stark, the billionaire, the philanthropist has been ostentatiously bold about his choices in life.

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A Guru Is Your Choice, Make It Wise

A Guru is probably the most important choice you will make in your life. A Guru is the spiritual, & moral compass in your life. He will determine your life’s directions. A Guru will shower his wisdom on you. He will light the path on your life’s journey. He will help you walk where earlier you were

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Caring For The Dying

An old Greek myth talks about the story of a man who did not want to die and hence begged the gods to grant him immortality and eternal youth. Tired of his pestering they gave him his request. He grew old, watched his family die, and saw his friends pass away. The people he loved were gone, leaving

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At Gandhi Mandela Peace Initiative Event Spirituality Shows The Sure-fire Way

Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela propounded spirituality, peace and tolerance by adopting them as part of their life. These noble ideologies were the underlying factors of their successful strive for independence.

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Yoga Is A Lifestyle Practice, Lifestyle Is The New Medicine

So really why is lifestyle the new medicine? It’s a well-known fact that today’s lifestyle is causing us all to become sick. Most of us know it but don’t know how to get out of the rut. Almost everything else seems to stand in the way. Our work, family, society, money and even our own aspirations. M

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Troubled Waters Of Trust

‘Trust me on this’ is more often heard than felt. While there may be this surreal race to win someone’s ‘trust’ at all times, but nowadays it doesn’t come that easy. During my therapy sessions, I’ve noticed that clients are either stiffly guarded, cautious or struggle in isolation resulting in block

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Everyday Yoga Day At Ministry Of AYUSH

“Yoga wellness festival is a year-long yoga programme, focusing on 10-20 minutes of yoga with utmost benefit. In today’s busy schedule, practicing an hour-long yoga is difficult”- Dr Ishwar Basavaraddi

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Bid Adieu To Covid-hit 2020 With ‘Talk to Heal’, Campaign by Eat Luv N Pray

To maximize the reach of the campaign, corporate entities have also been invited to come onboard to enable counseling and consultation sessions for th...

Covid 19 triggers OCD in people.

OCD is a psychiatric illness, that impacts 1-3% of the population and is equally present across men and women. ...

Measuring Diabetes at home? Here’s what you definitely need to know

Poorly controlled blood sugar is a major risk factor for diabetic complications, including kidney disease, vision loss, and nerve damage. ...

Vaccination-the most relevant way to revive economic health globally

Countries across the world have incurred heavy economic losses yet were unable to tackle the virus. ...

Invoke - Season 2 of a series of 4 - Happiness Decoded

Try bringing the prayer before food into your lives. Say grace!...

Obesity and genes

Obesity is often believed to be a result of eating more calories than we are burning. Why is it that some people gain more weight than others?...

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