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5 Yoga Poses For Couples

Yoga is an ideal practice for couples who want to build their relationship and work on a harmonious union

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Vitruvia Creates Brand Identity For Gamyam Wellness Brand

Vitruvia, a brand & design studio based in Bengaluru, has created a holistic brand identity for Gamyam, a one-of-a-kind wellness brand in the country

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Can Spirituality Help With Effective Parenting?

Though considered an effective solution to address many problems in life, does spirituality really help with effective parenting?

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Does Digital Physiotherapy Work?

Physiotherapy, when applied correctly and promptly, can play a pivotal role in improving one’s quality of life.

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In Conversation With - Kabir Siddiq, Founder & CEO, SleepyCat

We have achieved a great product market fit that can be seen with our mattress being the highest rated in the country.

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Bursting The Myth: Traditional Versus Modern Ways Of Taking Care Of A Newborn

Our elders have age-old ways of taking care of the babies that stem from their experiences.

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It’s All About The Aroma

Keeping your basic utilities clean makes sure those unpleasant odours are gone for good.

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Neelam Vaswani - Global Health Services Lead For India And ANZ, Johnson & Johnson Pvt. Ltd. India

Armed with 15 years of experience across wellness, HR and social initiatives, her mission is to promote holistic wellbeing to all.

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Sandeep Banu - HR Head, MoneyTap

Empower every individual to work with great ‘teams’ to achieve more and fulfill their curiosity is what he believes in.

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Sidhharrth S Kumaar - Founder, NumroVani

He believes that 20 years down the line, he would be positively impacting millions of lives.

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Meet The Brand That Is Reimagining The Mighty Jackfruit: ‘Eat With Better’

This is a plant-based food brand offering a variety of jackfruit-based recipe ...

In Conversation With Sanjaya Mariwala

Sanjaya Mariwala is the Founder president of the Association of Herbal and Nutraceuticals Manufacturers of India and Executive Chairman and Managing D...

Safe Menstrual Disposal - The Importance Of The Right Way

Pads and tampons should not be thrown in the trash unless they have been properly wrapped or sealed in a bag to prevent leakage...

Flu Cases Peak Amid Monsoon Season – Pediatrician Urges Flu Vaccine For All School Going Kids

Experts predict we may be in for a difficult year when it comes to the flu...

In Conversation With Dr. Acharya Vinod Kumar

Dr. Acharya Vinod Kumar is an astrologer and Vastu consultant...

Balancing The Line Between Work And Home Through Yoga

Yoga is thought to be the most effective therapy for achieving balance...

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